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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Third-time LUCKY - a short story about a 10-day dough.

Here the other day my Gs came with this little plastic
box + instructions. He was off for a holiday and asked
me to finish the cake. 10 days of nice work for you,
he said.It is a Spread-around-Dough and please do not eat
the cake up!!
It all started with a small portion of dough.
Not too proud showing you the result!! LOL But here it is:
Well,third-time lucky,I feel that is the right way of
telling you:
-First cake was burned.
-Second was hard as a rock.
-Third looks and smells nice,so hopefully it tastes good ....

Showing some pictures of the progress on this 10-day cake
making.I followed the sheet of explanation, day by day.
The dough grew bigger and bigger.After a while it looked
like this:
Then one day the dough was big enough to be divided:
On day 9 I should have given 3 portions away, but as
everybody close were on holiday,I was stuck with the
four doughs! So I decided to have a bash myself.

On day 10 I found all the ingredients
for the cakes:
It took me awhile to remember that last October Tudy had this
cake on her blog. It is called AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD.
For the last cake I used Tudy`s recipe. I will have another
go again,using bread forms next time. It was fun making actually.
Thanks to:

Great to write to you on a Tuesday and tomorrow another post
to come:-) Have a good nights sleep ... or a lovely day:
Enjoy summer,winter,fall or autumn in your country!


Heather said...

This story made me think of the story of the 'Three Bears' because you said one of the cakes was too burned and one of the cakes was too hard and I am assuming that one of the cakes was just right! I think that you had fun with the challenge Grethe!

Terry said...

I'm glad your third cake came out! Mom's breads are always delicious! She adds all kinds of yummy things to hers, like chocolate chips and sometimes she makes chocolate too! :0)