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a quiltlady

Sunday, 3 July 2011


June has passed. My two Gch is
showing the Birdie Stitchery
for June.

Thought you might like a
close-up,so here it is:-)

The new grass is growing. Some of the flowers are blooming.
Welcome to a short visit from my garden,mind you we have
a very small garden,so short it will be... lol:

Quick lunch just eaten. All the 3 numbers of Leanne`s Vignette
Magazines have arrived. Nice to be reading about Norway in her
no 3. "I was there" as I went to workclasses which she and Gail
held here. Lovely memo quilt she has made! And I`m still
reading the Distant Hours by Kate Morton. She is such an
interesting author. And waiting for the Norwegian "Quilte-
magasinet",due to arrive today.

Yes, "lovely" dirty hands!
It is great digging in the

A good scrub makes my
hands perfect for
sewing later on :-)

The pots you see with my herbs are from Holland.
My Mother bought them ages ago,nice to be useing.
I think they suit my herbs!! The chives are looking a bit
peckish,so I`ll better check the soil.

Great colour this, first time ever that I have bought the Cosoms
plant. My cousin always keeps the seeds from one year to another.
So I will try.
By the calender it is soon mid summer.
Soon our holiday is coming up. Same place as last year,
renting a little cottage down south of Oslo.
New month,new possibilities and my DH`s birthday on the 12th.
.....I think I`ll take him for a nice meal at an outdoor place
at Aker Brygge. This is a lovely place down town Oslo,by the
sea with various different places to eat.
I had a good tidying up the other day. Lots of lovely projects
crying for attention. ... I store a lot ... and enjoy the
variety! LOL

Till next time,all the best to you from me


LeKaQuilt said...

Så koselig terrasse du har, og hage...... De hollanske krukkene er vakre og passer flott til urtehage :o)

sunny said...

Great post, Grethe. Your herb garden looks pretty in those pots. We have a very small deck, and about half of it is covered with pots of herbs and flowers. It sounds like you're having a busy, fun summer!

Yvette said...

Your garden is just beautiful! If you think it is small, I need to show you mine. LOL!

Annemariesquilt said...


Jeg har registrert deg med blokk 3,4,5,6 og 8 i Tiny Town. Kan du gi meg beskjed dersom du er ferdig med flere enn dette??

Laila said...

your grden are beautifull :-) Luckey you who has a small one :-)

Terry said...

Your flowers are so pretty! And your birdie block looks great too! :0)

Zuly said...

¡Qué señora tan linda!
Su jardín es precioso, muy bellas las flores...y sus nietos qué guapos.
Saludos desde Costa Rica,
Zuly Castillo

Farm Girl said...

Great pictures of your lovely grandchildren and garden! You've said before how similar our tastes are - but now even our husbands share the same birthday ..... lol
I hope your DH has a wonderful day on the 12th!

Berit said...

En norsk kommentar-sommer og blomster er herlig! Vil du komme til meg å luke også?

Houseelf said...

I love your co-ordinating pots. Blue and white look so good with the green of plants. Happy reading planting and sewing in the sun. I hope your husband has a lovely birthday.

Mona said...

Her var det mange flotte planter! Nydelig stithery! Ha en fortsatt fin sommer.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Your garden is gorgeous...so nice to see sunny flowers while it is wintery cold here...brrrr...though not cold like Norwegian cold! Happy birthday to your DH, enjoy your day out.

Margaret said...

Love your Cosmos, dirty hands are the best when we can see the garden looking w er so summery. Norways cycling boys are doing you a treat, as I saw Thor when he was here earlier in the year I am geeing him on as well as Cadel.