Friday, 11 April 2014

a table runner and a basket ....

Easter holidays being just around the corner and here I am :))
Yellow is the perfect colour for the season and look at the beautiful
 flower, soon to fall off I`m sure, but I can see more buds coming.

The other day I signed up for an Easter sewing project,starting at
 6 pm local time. Fabrics and buttons were ready, but  alas at 6 o`clock 
 something else had to be done. But look a small Easter basket is now finished :))  
The sew-along was arranged by Pia,,on fb.You may find the pattern  
on her blog. Bet you will make this one in an evening. 
Check below, very suitable for lots of different uses ... lol ...
Filled with goodies for some friends + may be used as a flowerpot
+ restingplace for two bunnies. ( Eline, my Gchd, insisted)    :))

Outside in the warm sun today (chilly wind though), lovely
with the fresh air and enjoying my basket and the table runner.
Sewn almost only from Debbie Mumm fabrics. Many years ago I
received twoblocks after a very good friend died. I managed to find
enough fabrics to make the middle pinapple block almost alike.
I love the pattern of the daffodillys on the border fabric.
Such a good  memory for me to now use this one.

Not going skiing this Easter, but soon spending some time at the cabin
 by the sea. DH hopes to catch sea-trout !! But I am definitely planning
something else for dinner every day. Stitchery already in my bag,
so if the weather will be as predicted: wet,windy and cold, I am prepared
for an inside life :-) Do hope the bunny jumps your way, Hugs,Grethe xx.

Friday, 28 March 2014

One finish, well two really!

Remember my heart from another post  ... here is what I made:
Quick and Easy toalettery bag :-)
Some small squares as a pattern at the back and an inside with one pocket.

Perfect Annual Quilt Meeting last weekend. Beautiful quilts to enjoy. Please
have a look at Anne Marie`s blog. She shows you the winners in all classes. 
I`ll show my version with the tittle : 
"Love is in the air" with Lady Sue and Bill the tramp. 
A love-story here with a happy ending ...  
Well, I did not at all win, but I got good scores on my details and work :)) 
 The seize of the quilt is 0.50 cm. x 1 metre. I finished the
"love-story" in January, but it has not been shown before March month.

Enjoyed the shopping this year too!

About 500 quilters have shown their interest in the Festival in September.
 Among them is me! I just got to know I`m OK for work-classes with :
Lynette Anderson + Jo Morton + Ann from AnnAKa designs.
Bound  meeting many friends during that weekend :))
Really a big quilt event to be looking forward to.

 Some more photos from the yearly  meeting in the next post. Thanks for 
reading dear blogger friends:)) Have a pleasant time till then, from Grethe xx.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Did you guess what it was ?

Yes, it was the inside of my new bag! Happy to show you the bag now:)
 The 4 inside pockets will be usefull when carrying stuff  to work-classes :)) 
The bottom is loose and easy to wash. My first finished project this month.

It is an AnnAKa Design pattern,called "Til  Sydamen"/" For the Sewing lady".
 I bought the pattern and fabrics at Quiltegarden some time ago.
Finished the bag on March 12
and showed it to my local quilt club the NBQL on that very day :-)

Here`s the bag, looking great on a sunny day a couple of days ago.
Very easy to sew, Hope you like it too !

A close-up picture :
 the button there was on my mum`s fur coat many,many years ago :-)

All set now for an exciting weekend, I`m sure.
 The annual meeting of the Norwegian Quilter`s Association this year is held
in Kristiansand as most of my Norwegian blogger friends know.
Flying down tomorrow to the very south of Norway together with 2 friends
from my Tuesday quilt-group. Hope to meet up with a lot of old friends :-)

Lectures, work-classes, exhibition of quilts made by quilters from the whole
of Norway and lovely shops will be there. Something to be looking forward to!
The theem for the competition this year called "the Lady and the Tramp" :-)
Happy, nice weekend for all blogger friends, Grethe xx. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Great evening at the quilt club !

Lots of members and guests turned up to listen to May Britt at the quilt-club
on March 12. We all enjoyed the work-class of turn-under-application.
She also brought with her a great selection of her quilts to show us. 

Enjoy a few of May Britt`s georgeous quilts:

1.Sigrun in red there and I looking very focused ! 2. May Britt and I with
Scandinavinan Christmas, we were in a SAL together some time ago.
3. Great to touch and feel her beautiful quilts.

Here`s the small heart I appliqued on to a rose fabric.
Will be used for a pouch one day, I think.
We all received lots of info about needle-turn form May Britt.

If you have plenty of time please check all pictures at NBQL`s page.
There you will also see my new bag, all finished on March 12 :-)

lol......What can this be you wonder ?? Just wait and
More pictures another day! Thanks for reading, from Grethe.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

No secret - today is March 12. and an evening meeting at NBQL.

I will not be at home tonight  if you intend to pop in saying :

This means no cupcakes or any other cake from me, sorry to say!
Below is just some of the non-eating ones around in the house here :-)


My local quilt club NBQL is having the monthly meeting to night.
 AND the big thing is that May Britt of  ABYQUILT is visiting us.
 She is having a show and tell as well as telling us all about needle-turn. 
We are to bring a few things for a mini project to sew.
The meeting is open for members as well as guests, 
so may be I`ll be seeing  you all  tonight anyway ... lol ... 

Check May Britt`s blog : . 
She is an expert, and we will see her latest top ( on her blog there) and 
some other finished quilts. Will be a lovely evening for sure :))
Enjoy your sewing till next time, Grethe xx.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

inside - outside - inside

I am so glad the daylight is brighter and brighter day by day. Spring 
is certainly on it`s way. This weekend I have seen the sun too, 
a rear event as the rain has come down in buckets.

Some of the flowers in the lounch:-)

"Buds of March" will eventually bloom. I can see a small one next to the
bamboo stick. Wonder about the Butterfly bush, though, as the winter has
 been hard on some of the small branches, just have to wait   :))

Busy at the moment, I have started on a new bag, to be finished real soon!

The registration of the Norwegian Quilt Festival is now opened. Happy to say,
 I have put my name down for some work-classes. The festival takes place in
September. Many real famous quilt designers will be there to give classes.
Thanks for reading; back in a few days, Hugs, Grethe xx.

Friday, 28 February 2014

2 finishes and a new BOM .....

Nice log cabin small quilt is up on the wall ... at last. Decided to finish it
 with a binding only, iso a wooden frame what the pattern suggested.
It is called "Log Cabin" (!) by Mountain Patchwork. , 8" square
 Gone about 5 years since I bought the kit at Lille Stasjon shop.

Could not resist putting my name down for a Christmas-quilt-to-be. It all
 started in  December last year, but I just joined this BOM a week ago.
  I have been sent all fabrics as well as patterns for the first 3 months :-)
soon March 7th when the shop send the next pattern.
Yes, I have started with the little pig there. Better close-up when block 1
is finished : ))The pattern is from AnnAKa Design. It is called
 "The Quiltlady`s Christmas Calender". I joined this BOM through
  the Lappedilla shop. Great, bound to be finished by December!

Below you see"December Night" table topper,
 pattern also by AnnAka Design, a kit from PolarQuilt shop.
Ready for use at any time, I think :))
 Below is a detail, the table topper is all done with machine.

I used Clover`s bias maker, 60 degree angel ruler and glued the bias on with
 Sue D`s best glue! AnnAKa has a very good detailed explinaions in her patterns.

On to MARCH month in some hours. Great month :-) with lots of exciting events
 to take place,small and bigger ! More later then! All the best, hope you enjoy
 the season you are in;  rain and sun are our daily experience where I live! 


Friday, 14 February 2014

Hearts for Valentine`s Day and a Sunbonnet Sue quilt finished.

Happy Valentine`s Day for blog friends everywhere :))
This "heart and love" day are getting more and more popular
 in Norway as well; mainly among the young generation. All shops
 now do what they can to make this day popular for all.
Yesterday I made 1 mug rug for each of my 2 grandchildren,
 seize approx. 10" x 7". According  to their Mum they had a clue
 who put the two in the post box this

A challenge from years back is finished.
Sunbonnet Sue is a big favourite of mine :-) 
Long time ago at my quilt club NBQL we were given 4 small pieces
of fabric: blue, white with green flowers, yellow and the striped one.
So I decided to make the 4 seasons with Sunbonnet Sue, from the
pattern book called:" the ultimate Sunbonnet Sue collection" (2000).
Its is hand quilted and mainly hand appliqued.
The back ground fabric looks definitely a worn out mainly due
to different quilting and continuously using the seam riper and iron.
But on the whole it is looking nice on the wall from a bit of a distance :))
Got to remember though to sew a fringe on the blue scarf  ... lol

Must just tell you I am busy on Thursday MAY  8. 2014
for the whole of the day; have put my name down for a work class.
ANNI DOWNS is coming to Oslo to Kathrines Quiltestue I`ll be there !
So great to be a quilter :-) Happy Quilting from Grethe xx.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

a RADIO ... on the shelf above my sewing machine. See my last picture..
I like listening to reports from the Olympic. First now showing you the
 result of a kit I bought some years back at the Festival of Quilt in UK.
I finished the cushion just now. Easy to put down your head for a
little nap on this one compared to the other one in my last post.
We went for a drive the other day, my 4 non-blogger friends and me.
First stop was a sewing machine centre. Randi, Berit and Gudrun
wanted a yearly check on their Janome machine.
While Bente and I enjoyed the company!
Still some snow left, though it has been raining on and off for days.
Next stop was the quilt shop `Lille Stasjon`.
Always lots of  tempting stuff of any kind at this lovely place :-)
Glad to have found sashing and border fabrics for my Sunbonnet Sue quilt.
This `four seasons with Sue` to be hand quilted. I tried to machine quilt
it, but had to use the seam riper as my machine made some funny stitches !!
 Which means another Olympic day by the radio, this time hand quilting.  
We have really strange weather these days. Snow, rain and sunny days
in between it all. Mother Nature are giving very hard time at parts of the world
I am so sorry to hear.Wishing you all the best in any situation you are in.
 Happy Crafting ,from Grethe, xx.

Friday, 31 January 2014

It`s light and bright outside, lots -read tons- of snow piling
 down night and day. Perfect snow for skiing, but as  being the last
day of January I have been deep into finishing 2 projects. 
I went to a work-class at "Østerled" last Saturday.
 I made this middle part  for a cushion, all hand sewn.
Attending Hanne`s class is always enjoyable, always full of
 laughter as well as serious work. All together we were about 120 quilters
 split into 6 classrooms having  different classes to attend to. 
 Check  Hanne`s blog, she has just written an informative tutorial.
Cushion finished today, perfect in the couch :)) My first OPAM for January.
My second finish just now are the two potholders made for a cat lover!
Just for the fun tried to hang the potholders at our "Christmas tree"
by the But better rush to find an envelope
and put them into the mail tomorrow:))
Enjoy the time ahead the best you can :-) Happy Sewing all month
and thanks for reading, xx.