sunny days ...

sunny days ...

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

No summer sewing yet .......

Celebration time and no time for sewing!
A summer birthday has passed.
We celebrated DH who was 65 years old on July 12  :-) Steinar tried to
look  a wee bit younger showing the 63 numbers there,
but we all knew :))))

Friends and Family paid a visit.

Something nice to eat.

A short visit to the racing track, gosh, money disappeard quickly  :-)
Blue sea and Blue sky for a couple of days now:
Summer + Sun, but storm + rain are on the way. Being prepared with
wellingtons and rain-gear! Good for some : I hope to get some stitching done.
Thanks for reading and have a pleasant time at you end. Grethe xx 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Soon off ....

Summer time and holiday time :-)
 the most important thing just about to be packed :
Butterfly Garden, some hexies (like 100), FatCat and Felix, as well as some
lovely strawberries to be appliqued :-)

I`ll be busy :)) As my DD + SIL+ my 2 Gch and DS+ as well as a lot of 
family to visit during this fortnight. Wonder what I will bring back unstarted? 
Oh, yes a birthday, DH will be 65 on July 12, so a busy time altogether :-)

My PC has been for a checkup due to a virus,
and now it seems to do what ever it wants to do!! Very difficult, but nice
that SUMMERTIME is here to stay for a while.
I am also packing a block from "CHRISTMAS FUN" for our holiday.
If you pop over to  May Britt`s blog you can read all about Tour de Fibre
and the quilt activity she and Hanne have arranged.
Hope you have a lot to sew at the moment, all the best from me, Grethe xx.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

All alone :-) and a new BOM.

Early birds wake up at "silly o`clock" (thanks Nicola for 
the expression). That`s why I`am alone here at the gym.
 It feels good though, doing some exercise just here!
Great place at BestHelse. If I am really good being there 3 times
a week, may be I don`t need the knee-operation after all  :-) 

Have completely forgotten what my NEW YEAR`s solutions were!!!
 So I joined another Mystery Quilt. this time through FatQuarterShop in USA,
 I have done two mystery BOMs before through Moose on the Porch Quilts.
This BOM has different star blocks, 12 1/2" x 9 : how exciting :-) 
 The STAR-block for June is finished, another star coming soon.

Bright sun here at the moment, just like the pretty flower here.
 All the best to you for a nice weekend, happy sewing and
thanks for reading my blog, from Grethe xx.

Friday, 27 June 2014

This and That :))

The birde and groom made a great arrival on a motor bike last Saturday :))
An outside untraditional wedding were Nina and Helge were married. 
Nina is my daughter Siri`s good collegue at work. 
Eline,my little granddaughter
 gave Nina the flower bouquet when they disembarked the bike!

Usefull gift for the new wed couple, I made a pair of potholders :-)

Check my pouch below: I have seen some on blogs as well as on FB. 
Now my turn to make one! The pattern is from 
The cutting instructions is 1 sheet only, easy to be copied from her web site
 An excelent step by step  info on her ytube page with English subtittle.
 I had my IPad next to the sewing machine and in one-two-three all
 finished    (well !!! almost in 1-2-3 .... lol ...) The fabrics are from LIBERTY,
bought from Sunflowerfabrics in UK. Check her web and her fb page,
 Maggie has a lot of  beautiful fabrics in her shop :-) 

Snow and hail-storm in June are very exceptional. The weather that Mother
 Nature gave us in Oslo last Thursday was most uncomfertable including
heavy thunder, rain + snow + hail-storm.
 It seems that some of the summer-flowers might not survive.

Soon July month with Tour de France/ Tour de Fibre on it`s way as well
 as the Summer-holiday for lots of us. Same cabin and same weeks every
year for some. I know what to bring: hexagons with the fabrics, stitchery and
 some appliques to be buttenhole stitched. Hope to finish all of my plans :)) 
 THANKS for popping into my blog :)) Grethe, xx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Almost a heat wave and a JUNE finish.

Rising temp at 9 o`clock this morning.
Lovely Summerdays at the moment, blue sky and a bright sun, 
very hot during the day;  shadow or inside is the best for me :-)

 Last weekend my DH went fishing.
You may see his fishing rod almost hidden there.
This is what he cought a nice little trout, always tasting good :-)

And I stayed at home sewing on the first finish of May month
 and on to the OPAM list shortly: a toiletery bag pattern by 
AnnAKa Design and the fabric is by Philip Jacobs.
 Good match for the outside colours ... lol ... 
Super seize for lots to be put inside this pouch.

Two pocket inside and see the notes on the lining fabric :-)
It took some time for me to find the inside fabric. Then after the 
concert with sir Cliff Richard on May 27th. I thought it very appropriate
appropriate to use a fabric with notes from my stash.
July month will come quickly and our Summerholidays is then 
`just around the corner`, so a big pouch might be handy for me.

Now I must do some maching appliqueing on Raining Cats and Dogs,
ever so behind working on those blocks. Thanks for reading this post.
Hope you are fine and sewing a lot these days :)) Cheers, Grethe xx.

Friday, 6 June 2014

the RESULT and a new PROJECT ...

The DMCs are in a box ready to be taken with me when the holiday starts.

Hopefully during the Summertime all these 18 mini blocks
blocks will be ready for bounding.
Below is my result for Chookyblue`s Shed-sewing-party.
Thanks dear Chooky without this party all fabrics would still be in the box!! 
I had to add Monday the 2.of June as well to finish the mini-blocks. 

This will be the last pic for a long time on this project. From now on any
  progress on BUTTERFLY GARDEN will be on my sidebar, so please check
 any time  Except for block 5, I work in pairs making the blocks,
 9 big ones altogether, referring to Leanne B.`s pattern way of doing so. 

New project in my mind, have just started on a pouch with these fabrics
and what-not of the rest. Will show you one day later :)) 
Till then please Take Care, cheers and all the best, from Grethe.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Still Sunday ...

A very sunny Sunday, we have a lovely heatwave here at the moment ;))
I am still in the party modus. Not only have I joined a 2 year`s
 celebration,  but also a 75 year`s one

In the 2 year`celebration one I am sewing as you read in my last
post. I have managed to cut 10 mini blocks of
 block 3 and 7 of the Butterfly Garden quilt.
 I love all the small fabrics cuts, starting to sew these together feels great. 
My plan is now to keep on with the BG blocks for the rest of the week.
 Well, well slower than first planned. But thanks a lot Chookyblue
for your sewing party. Without it, this project would still be in it`s box!

No big meals to day, just nibbling this and that all day.
This fruits tasted  good.

1938 the first Oslo Airport FORNEBU opened, hence the 
celebration of the 75 years today. Both DH and I went to this "party". 
 We are in the  crowd  there somewhere! A big program  from 12 to 4pm.
Not much of an airport picture, although we all are almost on the runway!
But Fornebu was closed in 1998. We now use Oslo Airport Gardemoen.

Lovely JUNE month, first of our Summer months today. Feels good.
 Nice to see the growth of plants and hear the birds singing so loud.
 Wishing you all a nice time ahead:-) cheers Grethe xx

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Just a little break ...

Some mini blocks ready to be sewn together, but as I really need a
break, DH has poured the rose-wine 
and  is soon serving the King Crab meal , Lucky me!

Enjoy my 6 mini blocks. On the right course for block 3 and block 7 of
 the Butterfly Garden. Still long way to the finish. But I am ever so glad that I
 joined Chookyblue in theSew Along Party celebrating her 2 years in her Chookyshed :))
 A good push for me to continue a quilt I started in 2009. 
Next post might not be till tomorrow, cheers Grethe xx

...late start and a busy day today ...

Enjoy my sewing at the Saturday Sewing Party, by myself ,but 
through Chookyblue conneted to blog friends around the world :-)
Deciding to get cracking on my unfinished Butterfly Garden quilt, I have
enjoyed checking in the box. I finished block  1+2+8+9 ages ago and had 
really forgotten that 2 of the mini blocks of  3 and 7 were already done. 

Hopefully today I will make the whole block 3 and if not "don`t shoot" me,
lots may be sewn on Sunday as well :)) Better start off now with a nice cup
 of tea to get enough strength for a day`s work. cheers, Grethe xx

Friday, 30 May 2014

Weekend Sewing Party.

 It is such a beautiful day today.
This lovely plant was put in the pot yesterday. 
I am sure it will tempt bees as well as butterflies to visit :-)

Here is a small wall hanging I made in 2009 after a work class
with Leanne B. It has it`s place on the wall, but nice seeing outside. 
No buttertflies around in our garden yet, may be too few plants ?
Anyway in one of my UFO boxes I have plenty of unsewn ones ... lol 
Still not half finised with my BUTTERFLY GARDEN quilt .
 Great project for this weekend
as I have signed up for Chookyblue`s celebrating-sewing-party :
Just a good weekend for me to join this virtual-sewing-party.
Will be giving you some news tomorrow how I`m getting on,
cheers Grethe :))