a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Easy time on the couch .....

Nice winter time outside, gosh should really put on my skiis and go
 for a walk, but first need some relaxing time on the couch.
See the doc`s hand and the needle? Felt good after a while!
Full Ski Sunday as well as Australian Open on the tellly, 
good positon for some stitching on Simply Blessed, 
still on my first block, suppose -lol- might be right to say!!
Nice to sit on the couch here just dreaming of this and that.
Enjoying to look at this pattern "Natures Journey"  by Annie Downs.
A beautiful quilt pattern, great SAL 2015 arranged by Chookyblue
Unfortunatly not for me this year, Bound to be many gorgeous quilts 
to bee seen on blogs by the end of this year.

Looking at another new and beautiful quilt pattern. 
This one is "My Country House" by Lynette Andersson.
 Love the middle block with the house and the sheep. 
A good match for  the jacket I am knitting :-)
 You know my knitting has 23 sheep all the way round. Starting 
on the top is a less challenge just now. Soon to knit with the green colour.
Will it fit me? I keep wondering. Fortunatly some other of the females
in my family love the sheep :-)

Yes, on the couch a lot, my days with exercise have  
sort of stopped, but a good start again soon. I am fine really. 
The little shot I got is just  doing the best for my hip :-) 
Till later one day enjoy your sewing and it all! Hugs, Grethe xx

Saturday, 17 January 2015

No sewing on the boat .....

My husband and I joined old friends and colleagues for a mini cruise to 
Kiel in Germany.Such a perfect trip on a wavy sea. We were about 65 old 
colleagus on this cruise, some I had not seen for a good many years :-)

A cushion to be :-) I have finished 5 of the flowers, so another 5 
to go . But no time for any sewing  at sea this time!
We left snow and ice here in Oslo, meeting the city of 
KIEL in Germany in pouring rain.
Here is our ship the Color Magic picture from a pamphlet and the
boat docked in Kiel on the cold and rainy day.
Some pics did not come out, but we enjoyed seefood 
as well as delicious variation of meat.
Cakes by the number, great way to finish a lovely meal and of
course any cheese you might want. :-)
Fruit and veg, take your pick :-)

Partytime in the bar! Yes, another Kiel trip to be remembered :-)
Nice with a small break! Now looking forward to some stitching.
Hope you will have a great week to come, Grethe xx.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Happy Sunday.

Love the white colour, here is a flower left-over from Christmas
blooming for the third time, now with 4 flowers.
 Nice to be inside to day, snow-snow-snow,we have had a lot
of snow over the last two days :-)
My husband is doing his best clearing all the snow .
While I did some sewing:
This is the Sew Together Bag from Sew Demented. Pattern
to be bought as a PDF .It was first introduced in 2012, waiting a 
long time at my end, and  here it is. My first OPAM for this month.
It has been fun making this bag. 3 zipper pockets, room for lots of this
 and that. I have just chosen some other colours for my next bag.

This is my year for finishing some of my UFOs. 
I must dig into different boxes. In fact I am looking 
forward to doing so, working hard to get organized. 

Enjoy yourself  with your doings. Hope the weather has been good 
at your end. Although I know some of you have struggled a lot. 
Take Care and Happy Sewing,from Grethe xx.

Thursday, 1 January 2015


  May 2015 be the most happy one for you! Thanks a millon
for all your lovely words on my posts through 2014. Believe me I love
your comments, although you don`t always get thanked enough :-)
Looking forward to being a blogger another year .. at least .. lol!
My UFOs have been piling up all of 2014, so some rules have
 been made, secret ones for another 365 days to come.
 So if I fail to follow them, you might not know, hmm :-)

I am still working on block 1 of the SIMPLEY BLESSED patterns.
Looking forward to joining stitchery and fabrics, soon ...
Glad I chose the Tilda fabrics and lovely pattern by RosalQ_

Glad I make "Christmas Fun" by Lynette Anderson too.
Will use all January, I think, so another block will be finished :-)

New knitting with 23 sheep in the pattern :-)
It is a woolen jacket to be, hope to knit a wee bit every day.
Varigated wool yarn which means I will have a multicolouerd
jacket. Stay put for a year or two and you may see ... lol.
 I have never started knitting on top before,
so it makes me really wonder if I manage ??

A new SAL 2015 has been announced, pop into Chookyblue`s blog.
 The quilt is called "Natures Journey" by Anni Downs, hurry up
and sign up, another gorgeous pattern by Anni. Would have loved
to sign up, but not this year, sorry to say ... Good luck to you all :-)
Wishing all blog friends the best for 2015. Hugs,Grethe xx

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Last post in 2014 ...

Such a perfect last day of  2014:

All presents in my Advent calendar now opened:

Some homemade Christmas presents of 2014: 

Still a few hours left of this year. Not looking back, but enjoying
the thoughts of  a new year to come! Thank your for being my blog friend!
I do hope you will have a good New Year`s eve, Take Care, Grethe xx.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

SPOILT with SSCS 2014 ...

Beautiful gifts from TRACY in  this year`s SSCS  :-)
The ornament from Tracy was a georgous felt Babuska.

In the big main present I unpacked  patterns, big fun panel 
as well as Australien wild life fabrics:

AND a big beautiful table runner in very "Norwegian" Christmas
colours was there as well. Perfect for my coffey table.

Tracy:  Here you see how well the table runner fits :-)
Playing "Downfall"+"Mastermind",
the young ones seem very concentrated,

Today the weather is perfect, very cold (-12), blue sky with a nice,
clear sun, that shines brightly on the white snow, so instead of going
into a shopping mall, I might go for a long walk, better put those
spikes on my boots, to be on the safe side,
 wee bit slippery on some ice here and there, I bet.

 All the best till next time dear blog friends, xx Grethe :-)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I do not need to sing "I`m dreaming of a white Christmas"
as beautiful snow covers everything outside, a small, good layer!
Such a lovely 24th of December to wake up to :-)

Mittens must be used if enjoying  (read time for) a walk
today, best of all would be putting on my skies... lol...
Still have to do abit of sewing, so I must get a move on really.

You have seen my TTS before,
 and I love hanging the quilt up this Christmas too :-)

Looking forward to the days ahead, spending lots of time with the
family and opening all presents tonight, but some: like the rest
of my Advent calendar are been posponded till the days to come.

Thinking about you and wishing you a Merry Christmas 2014! 
All the best to you, Hugs, Grethe xxx

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A bit of this + A bit of that ......

More goodies from my Advent Kalendar, 
another 7 days have been opened. 

Enjoying the Advent calendar contents; looking forward till next
time when I will open many more :-)

Safe-bands shining brightly :-)
Kasper, our grandson,11, stayed the night yesterday.
Here he is off to school wearing my DH`s sweather.
I knitted this one like 30 years ago. It must have shrunck 
while being washed, but it really looks quite like a new one!

A busy day at our place:
Eline,grand daughter,9 years is helping DH with 
putting up the Christmas tree.

Soon decorations are ready for the big day on December 24th.
Focusing on my SSCS-presents, I think my helper
did a pretty good job on the decoration part.

One of the two table mats soon to be ticked off!
The twin look-alike will be sewn tomorrow, then a new
Christmas present to be wrapped into pretty paper :-)

Enjoy the time being wheather you are in the winter zone
or summer zone! Happy Sewing inbetween all the preparing
 for Christmas. My this-and-that-list is still  growing :-) 
Till next my next post: Take Care, from Grethe xx

Sunday, 7 December 2014

... Advent calender in use ...

I did finish my Advent calender at the nick of time for
 December 1st! The four climbing the ladder are happy small Santas.

This is the whole calender. It is an AnnAKa design.
I bought the pattern and fabrics years ago and happy
now that it is ready to be hung on the wall. :-)

Here are the  24 calender packs I bought at Katherine`s Quiltestue.

I have just opened the first 7, good idea, happy to wait 
till next Sunday for another lot :-)
Have a nice week, and I hope you enjoy some nice and peaceful
pre Christmas time. All the best from Grethe.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Must hurry ......

Such a beautiful Saturday,
but no time for fresh air today :-)

Do you see why?

46 mails to be read +

10 notification on fb! Yes, I must really get a move on ... lol...

Here are 3 more finishes for November: table runner, pot holders 
and 2 table mats :-) Already reported to Peg :-)

6 days of December month have passed:-)
Secret ADVENT CALENDERS to be opened! 

Liquorice for husband, "presents" from Kathrine`s shop for me as well
as an old fashioned card one with picutres only from my DD. Tomorrow
will be our Advent-calener-opening day, the 2nd Sunday of Advent  :-) 
Till later one day ... xx.