a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Monday, 18 May 2015

Happy GD birthday ....

Such a beautiful day for a 10 year`s birthday.
ELINE my youngest GD celebrating the 18. of May.

Being 10 is a good age, she says !
Enjoyable, sunny day outside! Ice-cream melting, imported
strawberries mostly tasting of water; fortunatly the one candle
 on the pink cake was fine for a celebration 3 days ago :-)

Must get a move on: a sponge cake and muffins to be baked.
 HAPPY SEWING dear blogger friends! 
More news from  me another day. Grethe xx

Monday, 11 May 2015


with visit from a worldknown, famous artist; a super exhibition as
well as an interesting lecture. How lucky we have been to have had 
KAFFE FASSETT and BRANDON MABLY visiting us here in Norway :-)
Enjoy a cup of something to drink as photos are not
 really in the correct sequence,and mind you these photos are
only a handfull of what we saw.

My teapot quilt (Kaffe`pattern) and the original quilt! 
Love the smiles on their faces :))
Below Solveig has just shown Kaffe "his" cardigan she knitted
30 years ago, while Kirsten there is busy with her camera, and 
Brandon is being a wee bit cheeky!

I bought one book (have like 7 in my bookshelf!) with many small projects,
 just a few fabrics + a lovely card/picture of the master himself
 (as Brandon described him).
We enjoyed the exhibition with knitting, needlework/tapestry and
 beautiful quilts with beautiful colours. Kaffe`s lecture took us into 
his life as an arts and crafts man from the very start. He is still creating 
at the age of 77 years (78 on Dec.07, 2015).  He is in companionship 
with Brandon Mably and Phillip Jacobs through Rowen. 

The exhibition will be here in Norway till mid. August, might just
 take another one hour`s trip to enjoy his work once more :-)
Lots of inspiration was building up during this weekend.
 Thanks for reading, Till next time, hugs from Grethe xx

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Good start of May month.

My favorite Spring flower no,1 is called "BLÅVEIS".
Very uncertain if it`s name excists in English. 

Below is a small stitchery I made back in 2002, It is on the wall in
the sparebedroom / read the most messy room in our house;
waiting to be sooo tidy after I pull myself together ... one of these days. 

These are wild flowers, they all smell differently saying
" it`s springtime" 
Small ones, all growing on the ground and popping up when
 the sun starts to warm up the air.
We are not allowed to pick the blue ones anymore.
My ceramic pictures come out every Spring,
hanging on the wall for a fairly short time :-)
Just 7 days to go before Kaffe Fassett is opening his exhibition
 "50 years in Colours". I love lots of Kaffe`s designs/fabrics as well as
from the designer Brandon Mably, also travelling with KF.
We are about 30 quilters from one of my quilt guilds to be enjoing
this on coming Saturday. Takes about a good hour`s drive into a
beautiful country side of Norway! It will be such a thrill!
Grethe xx

Thursday, 23 April 2015

an AnnAKa finish and moving on with KAFFE FASSETT ...

Lovely Spring time where I live and no snow left here.
 Enjoying my cousin`s tree with no leaves yet.
 Just lots of  beautiful white flowers: 

April finish:
 wall hanging by an AnnAKa Design pattern called "Margeritter"

More fabrics left so I might make another one, one of these days!!
My first one was sold at one of our Christmas markets years back.
A wee bit of quilting and I have shaddow quilted the flower.

Remember I joined Homespun`s Kaffe Fassett China Shop 2015?
Slowly moving forward, block 2 is here:
I have reduced the seize with 25 pct, to make the quilt fit,
Hope to alternate with "a Garderner`s Journal" which hangs in the hall.

Beautiful weather here these days. 
AND mr. KAFFE and mr.BRANDON are " just around the corner".
Kaffe`s exhibition has arrived Norway. He will be giving 3 lectures
on May 9th and 10th. Something to be looking forward to :-) :-)
Happy Crafting to you all, from Grethe xx

Sunday, 12 April 2015

SO HAPPY 1+2+3 .....

 Sweet little bunny  :-)
We were celebrating my son`s girlfriend Mona`s 30th birthday; 
Coffey with lots of cakes etc. etc. on the table, then my son Erik
 did put on  another cake; saying: this is a special cake
with a date written on the cake 01.10.15.
I / We all thought for a blinck of a second marriage ,
when he continiued : 
This is the approx date when we will be parents: 01.10.15 :-) 
Wishing the two the best of luck in the next months. 
My 3rd grandchild on its way!

  Anita of Shabby Quilts searched for some fabrics on her blog
about a month ago. I knew I had some left. Far down in a box was
 a table runner-to-be, must have been there for at least 5 years. 
On the go here with "Margeritter (Daises)", a pattern from 2009
by AnnAKa design. My second to be sewn as I sold the first one.
Soon some Lecien roses on the way to Australia :))

HAPPY 3 (did almost not happen). 
Late in  Febryary I " joined" the BOM in Homespun,
paying for a year`s suscripion with them:
"Kaffe Fassett China Shop 2015".

Gave almost up as I did not receive any magazines; I have really 
hated Homespun due to their lack of involment. To cut it all short 
  I owe thousends of thanks to  Penny at  The Patchwork Angel. 
Penny has really been an ANGEL
 involved  herself into this. So Homespun has now sent the missing
magazines.  I have know Penny and her very kind helpers for 
many years. Her quiltshop was one of the first ones I visited on the net.

Here my two February blocks, love them :-)

Have picked out from the kit which fabrics to use
for the next blocks; ready to start soon.

Thanks for reading my blog this time too, wishing you a
HAPPY sewing time! from Grethe xx

Monday, 30 March 2015

Some quiet days ahead ......

March has been a great month, lots of exciting events all month
long, not a finish to show you, but boy what a month ... lol ...

"1" Wedding day, "2" Birthday. "3" NQF meeting/our Norwegian
Quilt Guild`s yearly meeting, "4" trip to San Francisco
 "5" our grandson`s 12th birthday, "6" exciting news
( to be revealed much later)

"3": a favorit  from the NQF meeting is the umbrella made of selvages 
and fabrics by Inger Lise Høysveen (non blogger, but on FB)
 BUT please check on May Britt`s blog, she is the always the
quickest to show all the quilts shown at our weekend meeting.

"4" Off I went to San Francisco. As my DH was sent on
a buisness trip, I joined and loved the thought of visiting
lots of quilt shops;  managed only one fabric shop :-)
Love the wine bottles, will look perfect on a table mat or two!
Otherwise my shopping was almost like zero! 
I brought some stitching with me, but quess I can only count
 to 20 stitches of  Gail Pan`s cinnamon delights bag pattern.

Spent some lovely days in SFO, my 6th USA city to visit.
Full day sightseeing bus tour, cable car, Alcaatraz(in the distance only),
Fisherman`s Warf, etc. etc, .... thought about showing you the
551 pictures I took, but have come to better thoughts :-) Here a few though:

"5" Happy boy of 12 years on March 29th. our darling grandson.
We all gave him a bicycle to be used for several years to come.
A good try in their living room with all the
birthday cards still hanging on the bicycle.

This long post definitely has come to an end,
"6" to be told much later one day :-)

Looking forward to the Easter holidays soon coming up.
No mountain trip nor skiing this year either. Must have time for
some sewing as well as visiting family down south in Norway.
Hope you will enjoy some pleasent days at your place.
 Happy sewing dear blog friends :-)  Hugs, Grethe  xx

Thursday, 12 March 2015

..... hurrah .....

My Tuesday Quilting Group seemed just as happy I was.
We had a lovely lunch celebrating my 75 years on the Tuesday
before my birthday, with the best open sandwiches, cakes, etc. 
and I received such a great lot of super presents!!
and lots of flowers!
and this special Money-flowers-bunch with 20 branches!
and 20 lovely personal presents from the quilting group.
Today is my birthday, the 12 of Match 2015
 .... HURRAH ... HURRAH ....
The great, lovely, big day has arrived with another lunch soon
 and a dinner tonight. HUGS, from Grethe xx.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Down memory lane ......

7 mars 1975 at 5 pm at Bekkelaget church, Oslo, Norway.
The newly wed couple: Grethe and Steinar :-)
On the steps just outside the church door some friends from
 our alpine group had formed an espalier with their skies. 
Nice surprise! 

Here we are on MARCH 7. 1997:
Not "the lady with the painted veil" for sure, my veil was
not properly attached to the headband so it fell off !!
Wonder who had sewn it all! You may just have a guess ... lol ...

Here we are on MARCH 7. 2015:
Look alikes, for sure ... lol :-)

Yes, 40 years on, TODAY on the very same day at the very same hotel,
celebrating/enjoying another sort of meal than for the forty years ago.
An afternoon tea with some friends.
Lovely day has soon passed with presents, flowers and nice "high tea"
including champange. And more to come, celebrations, I mean, will
be back with more "non quilting" news next week ,( promising I will be a
much better blogger in ALL respects as well soon). Hugs, Grethe xx

Monday, 2 March 2015

No restrictions any more, but no weight loss :-)

Still love my very first sewn MUG-RUG, both 
pattern and and colours. It measures 6"x 9 1/2".

 Remember I told you. eight weeks ago I joined a group 
on face book;  no goodies till March. I have managed 
not to have a single bit of chocolate for these weeks :-)
So today was the day to visit the shop who has it all!
I have been shopping; believe I better be careful!

Feet up, coffey, chocolate, The Norwegian Quilt News as well
as Homespun (with a new BOM) bound to be a nice rest :-)
WELL, did I loose weight? No, not really, just like 0.400 gr. which 
is next to nothing. It was only difficult after the evening meal. 
However I feel a bit proud I managed to stick to the rules given. 

Enjoy your the first week of Spring; for my blog friends in
 another continent, enjoy your Season! Till next time:
Happy Quilting from Grethe xx.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Hello ...

As February is such a short month, I am so glad I managed 
 to write one post at the nick of time ... lol ...!
February is in fact our winter month no.1, lately weather-wise
 we wake up to any sort of day: warm, cold, sun, rain, wind, snow  + etc....
Sure you can see my car down there from our bedroom window, 
by the evening all snow rained away:

I have AT LAST finished one block of Simply Blessed.
Some of my friends have finished 5 blocks, now I really must make
a plan how to solve a little problem in this respect, 
as the total is 9 big blocks altogether.

Here is my version of Kaffe Fassett`s" TEAPOTS" from his book
 "Quilts in Morocco". The quilt came back yesterday from the long-arm
 quilter, Merete, at sy.no . She does the most perfect machine quilting.
Happy to say I love the fabric with the bright colours!
 I think my name must be:" Happy teapots in my flower garden"!
All fabrics from my Kaffe Fasset+ Brandon Mably+Phillip Jacobs box.
I redused the seize 50 pct. The seize is now aprox, 60" x 80".
By changing things around in the kitchen, 
 it is bound to fit on a wall. Will be so perfect :-) 

Rembember two of the table mats from some years back? 
At last I have managed to finish the next two. 
The main fabric is also Kaffe Fassett`s, from his "Bekah" range,
bought the fabric "the Festival of Quilts" in 2008 or 2009. 
On the kitchen table here, just for testing :-) See the matching glasses, 
they were new-made when Norway arranged the Olympic Games. 
We only have these 4, they have the special Olympic sign engraved on them.

MARCH will be such a busy month. Some  SPECIAL events will take place:
"40" ... "75" ... 20-23 ... 29 ... probably etc. here as well.
 Stay put, and I will tell you later :-)

 Well, all for now! 
But first I must admit: I have really failed in my promise to myself on 
New Years Eve year. 2015 should have been  my UFO-year ONLY.
.Feeling so confident day after day after day... 
Kept my promise till  February 15th.  Then, alas(? / :-),
 I signed up for a sort of a BOM, more info on this my blog later one day.
Wishing you a happy sewing time! Hugs, Grethe xx.