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a quiltlady

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Pattern + PIF + Mushroom:

Lovely pattern arrived from
USA yesterday.I have picked
out the fabrics,so one day -
very soon,this little quilt
will be up on my wall :-)
Thanks to
Lucky me,great pattern to win.

Wrapped in pink the envelope arrived a couple of days ago. I joined
Anne Marie
in her PIF,so it was very exciting for me to wait for the surprise.

The table runner is so beautifully sewn. It looks great on our table.
Thank you so much Anne Marie for such a lovely present!
My turn is soon to come:-)

Fresh air is healthy.With
that in mind I put the
knife in the plastic bag,
and went for a walk in a
small wood close to where
we live.I had just heard
that the mushroom
"KANTARELL" had started
to pop up much earlier
than usual. They love
birch trees and hide
under old leaves and

I picked about 0,800 grams,which actually is A LOT!!! Some preparation before going into the freezer. Now I can look forward to one of my
favorite meals one of these days :-)

Hopefully tomorrow the duffle bag I keep sewing for my cousin will
be finished. Wait and see,I will show you if so. By for now ......


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Mmm! Kantareller er snop! Fin duk og jeg gleder meg til å se quilten ferdig.

sunny said...

That table runner is beautiful! I love the soft fabrics. Reminds me that I need to do my PIF's. I had completely forgotten. Hmmm...what shall I make? I can't believe that you've already chosen your fabric for the pattern. I'm glad it was one you liked. As for the mushrooms, I pick all mine at the grocery store! I bet yours taste much better.

Jindi's Cottage said...

What lovely presents...such a cute little quilt pattern and the table runner is beautiful. What interesting mushrooms...enjoy your harvest...

Houseelf said...

Such a lovely pattern! Of course being me I thought of Van Gogh's Starry Night immediately. LOL I know I need to get a life.

Oh yum gorgeous mushrooms!

Isn't Anne Marie an absolute sweetie! Gorgeous PIF table runner.

Annemariesquilt said...

Tusen takk for at du ville være med på min lille PIF utfordring .. God sommer til deg ;O)