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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Progress of an UFO and soon a boat tip into the fjords .....

 This is block no 6 of a Tisket a Tasket :-)

I have now finished 8 of the 12 blocks. I started on this in November-10,so by
October-11 may be all blocks are be done. I have not made up my mind about the
sashing and border yet. I have had a Charm Pack of the Aviary range for some years,
glad I could use it. I am using Beach House range as well. So it is a wee bit like The
 Bunny Hill Design quilt. I really like the small blocks of 6 1/2" .Yes, I did reduce
the seize of this one as well.

Soon  DH and I are taking a little trip called "Norway in a Nutshell".
I have wanted to take this trip for a good many years!

We are flying over to Bergen,then boarding a small ship "Westship".
The boat will take us into one of the deep fjords,where the scenery is
supposed to be wild and spectacular. Part of the tour we`ll also take
a special train "Flombanen". The train is on one of the steepest tracks
in the world, (scares me just  thinking about it).
But oh....how I am looking forward to this.

Bringing some stitchery just in case,however no promises on this!!
But I am bringing my camera,so I hope to take some pics to show
you later. We have had a hailstorm/snow here in Oslo today,really
glad I follow my late Mums advice, no summer plants outside till after
17th of May :-)
To all Norwegians: Happy National Day on May 17 2011.
All the best to all ,Hugs from



Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Så fine blokker. Jeg har sydd alle, men nå ligger de og venter på at det skal skje noe mer ....
Håper dere får en fin tur med bra vær så dere får se fjelltoppene! Ha en fin 17. mai, dere også.

sunny said...

Your trip sounds absolutely fabulous! I hope you'll share many many photos. That sounds like the trip of a lifetime.

Yvette said...

Have a wonderful on your vacation.

Your basket blocks are adorable!


I just love your colors for the tisket tasket basket blocks!!! and those Tiny Town blocks are so cute and are just lovely too.
Have a wonderful trip--stay safe!
Hugs, Di and that miss gracie

Marit said...

Grethe, dette blir et flott arbeid. Gleder meg til å se det;)

Laila said...

Your blocks looks great:-)
Have a safe and beautifull trip.
Hugs :-)