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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Weekend report on a Tuesday ......

Progress with Tiny Town:
Here is block 4+5+6 stitched together,2 more are done,which means 4 more to do. I have reduced
 the seize down 25%. You should think it would be quicker to finish,but on the contrary as some bits
are very small. I do the applique on the machine,with just a little stitching by hand.  I love the fabrics
and all the life in that little town!!
I also did the half of the small May block of aTisket  aTasket,sooooo sweet,
soon I will show it to you:-)

While I did some sewing my DH took care of the floor in the basement. Great work done,he is doing
a super job down there:-) Soon the room will be ready to be furnished (with mainly the old stuff that was
there before).

Then DH had to wash and clean the winter-tyres. Did you know we have got a hotel called Wheel/Tyre-hotel,where they store your tires for the season. Good idea for lots of people,that is!
As you can see behind on the picture none of my 3 Rhodod.has come out yet,waiting for the lovely pink flowers,late May or early June,I am sure as we are having lovely sun these days.

There are lots of stones from wintertime. He is very particular about everything car concerned.

It has been such a nice weekend,lazy,just lots of sewing,lots of food,really relaxing!!
My plans just around the corner are: May-block of Birdies + May-block of aTisketaTasket + 2nd block of Tis the Season + 1st block of Christmas Fun + etc.etc.etc....
---- and plans for DH ?? I know,he doesn't yet!!! LOL

Hope all the fires we hear about will be put down. In Norway parts of our country,like more around the world,has not had rain for a very long time. The fire-brigades are doing a good job,must be very difficult.
 Enjoy your days ahead with nice quilting,Hugs,


Yvette said...

I adore your Tiny Town! I also have this kit awaiting me. We sure do have the same taste in projects!!!

I have never heard of washing tires. I guess it is because we don't have weather changes over here. Same tires all year long.

Berit said...

Nå blir jeg misunnelig. Du har kommet mye lenger enn meg.:-)
Savnet deg idag

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing your house blocks... they are very "happy". I love the colours and all of the details. I look forward to seeing more!

Annemariesquilt said...

Kjempe søt Tiny Town ;-)

Marit said...

Tiny Town er bare flott, venter på fortsettelsen;)
Har ikke sett denne før, så det blir spennende å følge med. Ha en fin uke;)

Sølvi's blog said...

Ser det er flere som har opp-pussingsprosjekter på gang.