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Friday, 27 May 2011

"Norway in a Nutshell" - tour ..............

Prepare yourself :-) I took 256 pictures on this interesting tour in
rain,fog,storm,thunder combined with a tiny winy blue sky and sun.

With the SAS plane 1 hour from Oslo
to Bergen,then 4 hours for the 87
of us on the ship cruising into the
fjords reaching the hotel next to
the fjord-side.

Here are lovely pictures showing you some sights. As the weather
turned out real bad at times,glad I could buy some cards as well.
How can some live this remote? Not quite easy to go shopping! We saw an interview on TV some time ago about the people living here,in the program "how remote can you live" (free translation from me). And they do
not want to move....

It was such a magnificent trip into the different fjords.The widest one "Sognefjorden" is the longest fjord in the world.
It is 1309 metres down into the bottom of the sea and the highest
mountain is also approx 1309 metres up into the sky. We also took
this interesting small train up the steep mountain,less steep than
what I expected.High up there at Myrdal station two trains met,
our train and the Oslo-Bergen train:
We looked at many great water falls. DH and I had to buy warm wool
hats as the weather was real cold:
Hats off and enjoying the time being:
We stayed at Leikanger Fjord Hotel. Highly recommended if you happen to pass by! Great rooms,lovely food,and of course we went with a super group of people. That counts a lot:-)
A walk-about watching some of the 80ooo fruit blossom orchards in Leikanger. Spring is very late this year,so only a few of the trees were
However, it inspired me to buy some pinkish fabrics in one of
the quilt shops in Bergen "QuilteHuset".
As usual I am saying: soon to be a table runner :-) LOL
In fact may be 2 table runners,as I needed some blue fabrics as well!!!
Bound to show you more of my 256 pictures,another day,real soon,may be !!!

Happy weekend to you all!
I`ll be visiting my cousin`s son who at 40 had a heart attack.He was rush operated yesterday morning,a by-pass op. He changed all 4 blood veins. Doing so called fine after the operation,but of course will be in bad shape for a long time. Very,very sad.
Hope to finish an older UFO: Spring table-runner by Tuesday. That will then be my OPAM for May.
All the best to you from me :))


sunny said...

What a wonderful trip. Your pictures are beautiful. The scenery and the gorgeous fabrics!

Farm Girl said...

Stunning photos Grethe, glad you had a wonderful time. Nice fabrics too! Hope your cousins son is getting better.

Oddbjørg said...

Ser ut til at dere hadde en flott tur selv om ikke været var det beste. Nydelige stoff!
God helg!

Chookyblue...... said...

you live in a gorgeous country.........so different to the landscape around me.........

Margaret said...

Those photos didn't make me feel cold at all as today has been cold , but not as cold as you have it. Wednesday the first of June is the beginning of our winter. What a wonderful place you live in.

Berit said...

Selv om det regnet, er det et vakkert land vi bor i:-)

Jindi's Cottage said...

Beautiful country...thanks for the tour...

Marit said...

Takk for en guidet tur;)