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a quiltlady

Monday, 25 April 2011

Peaceful...Relaxing...Sunshine from a blue sky every day...

Great holiday has just passed. In Norway lots and lots of people have at least 5 days off work. Some joining the children at school-holiday are having about 12 days off at Easter time.Very good holiday deal for some!
No snow left in my part of the country, bright sun every day for a week,lots of fresh air,nice walks in the woods! It has done me good.

This yellow one is called "HESTEHOV" ...

Here you see Lilly of the Valley,needing some more warm days.

The white-daisies at some places outside look like a white carpet.
When walking around the smell is so nice and refreshing:-)

I picked some the outside flowers,but they do not last that long inside, neither do cinnamon buns!!

Not much stitching and quilting this Easter,but as you see I am really thinking about Christmas!!
Next to the "Løytnans Hjerte"(called Bleeding something in English??)
is my first block of the Tis the Season. Such a lovely pattern by
Natalie Bird. Fabrics in red and pinkish are great!

Nothing completely finished to show you right now,but boy oh boy...lots
of UFOs all around the house,so soooon one day,definitely ...... :D)
All the best to all you for a nice time ahead,Take Care!


Marit said...

Grethe, det ser ut som du har hatt en fin påske:)

Berit said...

Omsider kom hestehoven. Og du har funnet hvitveis også. Jeg har ikke sett de ennå, men det var dårlig med blomster i høyden.

Gudveig said...

Våren er fin, med alle de nydelige blomstene!

sunny said...

Thanks for sharing your little flowers and your cinnamon buns. Yummy. I really like your new header photo. Isn't it nice that Spring is finally arriving?