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a quiltlady

Friday, 29 April 2011

... lovely roses in buckets full on this day ...

I have settled down in front of the TV. Our coverage of the big WEDDING has just started. I watched in 1981 as well:-)
I`ll join everybody else in wishing the lovely couple all the luck in
the world.

I am sure they will look just as lovely as my picture here!!! LOL
I made this quilt some years back. I think this little part of the 12 different squars in the quilt,is nice to show you today.

My Layer-Cake-Quilt-Along quilt top is now ready to be quilted and bound,
very soon,one of these days:-)

Well,if you love weddings,have the day off and are awake, we can all
really watch the same program on the telly,enjoying the big event in Westminster Abbey in London on this day April 29 2o11.
CONGRATULATIONS to everybody in UK and all others who feel close
to William and Kate:)))
Have a nice day today and a lovely weekend all my blogfriends!


Chookyblue...... said...

it is 8:45pm and I am sitting watching the wedding service...........for a moment in time we are all watching the same thing............AMAZING...........enjoy.........

Heather said...

What a cute tribute to the wedding! I set the alarm clock to wake up at 1:45 a.m.! to go to a friend's home party to watch the wedding. What a memory on so many fronts!

Berit said...

Lekre roser og et fantastisk bryllup. Satt foran TV i hele går.!
Blokken fra Home is where my heart is passet jo akkurat

sunny said...

Love the quilt-a-long quilt! I didn't do that one, but now that I'm seeing results everywhere, I'm thinking maybe I should have. Too many other projects going, though. THanks for sharing yours. (I watched reruns of the wedding last night)