a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Quiet Easter-time with work in slowly progress.

My favorite flower is symbolizing springtime.
Good flower word is blue-daisy:-)

Lots of lovely UFOs slowly growing week by week. Here you see 4 of them:

- Tis The Season ... I have not joined the SAL group this time,as this
quilt will take a long time to finish,hopefully by Christmas 2012.
Check http://stitchalong.blogspot.com/
- a Tisket a Tasket.... by November I hope to have hanging on the wall.
- Tiny Town...... by October to be finished,a BOM almost regular once a month!
- Birdie Stitches ..... by December definitely,on the first every month
I copy the pattern from the web.
... promises - promises. Well,it goes for all!!

Easter time this year is so nice and quiet, beautiful weather predicted
not too many visits to make,so lots of sewing,I think/hope/pray!!! LOL

The words in red-work on the picture up there certainly works all
year round,doesnt it :-)
And now I am saying HAPPY EASTER to you all!


Farm Girl said...

Beautiful progress Grethe, your blocks look lovely.


I love all those blocks you are doing and good for you for working at getting them caught up and finished--cause finishing is such a great feeling!!!
Happy Easter and keep stitching--I will be joining in the stitching too!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

sunny said...

Hi Grethe! thanks for sharing the pretty flowers. I've been working so much I'm not even sure what season it is. Your blocks are all nice - I especially like the little bunny. Happy Easter to you!

Terry said...

Your flowers are lovely! And so are your little blocks! :0)

Jindi's Cottage said...

Great progress on your UFOs...
Such pretty blue flowers...such a contrast to see spring flowers when we are seeing autumn leaves...
Love the fun Easter chicks in your header...God påske