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a quiltlady

Monday, 1 December 2014

Perfect start on December month!

What a lovely start of DECEMBER 2014!
As you may see Santa on his sleigh just succeded to put a rather 
big envelope half way into the postbox before I picked it up :-)
Being member of Chookyblue`s Christmas swap, I have sticked
to the rules just opening the little parcel of the ornament,
 saving the big parcel for Christmas Eve. (the white there on the ground
are some snow left from the other day as it`s cold outside!)
THANKS a lot my new SSCS friend :)) I am so pleased to receiving
the secret gift from you, TRACY. nice meeting you this way.
Love your sweet ornament, it will have a place with the
other ornaments that I have received over the years. Looking
forward to opening your other parcel too! It will be under
the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve :-)

If you check my OPAM list blogger friends, you may see what
I have made in November, next post soon! Will be
such a full day tomorrow. First my Tuesday-sewing group are
visiting a lovely quilt shop about 30 minutes drive from here.
Then there is the evening meeting of the "SIMPLEY BLESSED"
 goup in the evening. I might not have told you, but yes I am stitching
Rosalie Quinland`s quilt, and using the Tilda fabrics. Love it all :-)

Till next time, happy stitching during Christmas month. Hugs, Grethe xx


sunny said...

What a lovely big package! That ornament is adorable. You sound very happy when sharing your activities. Glad you're doing so well.

Chookyblue...... said...

a lovely ornie.........enjoy your SSCS parcel.........

Anonymous said...

Hi Grethe what a beautiful decoration from Tracy,I love her,your parcel looks exciting enjoy your class with Rosalie.xx

Yvonne W said...

What a cute decoration-- always exciting opening these mystery parcels.

Show and Tell said...

Oh Grethe...What a sweet little ornament Tracey has sent you....I am glad you were looked after xx

Oddbjørg said...

Blir spennende å se hva som skjuler seg i den store pakken!
I år fikk jeg ikke meldt meg på tidsnok, men kanskje neste år :-)
Kos deg i førjulstida!

Fiona said...

thats a really cute little ornie... so fun seeing the parcels landing all over the world...

Annemariesquilt said...

Så søt juledekorasjon..
SSCS er en flott tradisjon.
Kos deg i førjulstiden som kommer..

Jenny said...

Cute ornament so glad your SSCS has arrived,

Houseelf said...

How lovely to open a little present now. I think you are in for a real treat on Christmas Eve.

I have finally finished the aran jumper for Lovely Husband and the assignment is handed in. :-) December is good again.

Connie said...

I am so happy to have found your lovely blog. I love quilting and enjoy meeting other quilters from around the world. Your blog is very inspiring and I have just become your newest follower. I hope that you will visit my blog and follow me back.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Cute ornament...so nice to see SSCS parcels landing around the world (mine are still on the sleigh!)...