a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Friday, 11 April 2014

a table runner and a basket ....

Easter holidays being just around the corner and here I am :))
Yellow is the perfect colour for the season and look at the beautiful
 flower, soon to fall off I`m sure, but I can see more buds coming.

The other day I signed up for an Easter sewing project,starting at
 6 pm local time. Fabrics and buttons were ready, but  alas at 6 o`clock 
 something else had to be done. But look a small Easter basket is now finished :))  
The sew-along was arranged by Pia,,on fb.You may find the pattern  
on her blog. Bet you will make this one in an evening. 
Check below, very suitable for lots of different uses ... lol ...
Filled with goodies for some friends + may be used as a flowerpot
+ restingplace for two bunnies. ( Eline, my Gchd, insisted)    :))

Outside in the warm sun today (chilly wind though), lovely
with the fresh air and enjoying my basket and the table runner.
Sewn almost only from Debbie Mumm fabrics. Many years ago I
received twoblocks after a very good friend died. I managed to find
enough fabrics to make the middle pinapple block almost alike.
I love the pattern of the daffodillys on the border fabric.
Such a good  memory for me to now use this one.

Not going skiing this Easter, but soon spending some time at the cabin
 by the sea. DH hopes to catch sea-trout !! But I am definitely planning
something else for dinner every day. Stitchery already in my bag,
so if the weather will be as predicted: wet,windy and cold, I am prepared
for an inside life :-) Do hope the bunny jumps your way, Hugs,Grethe xx.


Raewyn said...

Very cute Easter Basket! Lovely and springlike...and cute with all the different goodies inside it! And your table runner is so lovely as well - a nice story about how the blocks came about. It sounds like you have a good Easter planned!

Dollandesign said...

Jag tycker att Din löpare ser härligt ljus och fin ut där den ligger på Ditt bord. Ett vackert mönster!


Randi Tangen said...

Så fin påskeduk! og boksen også:)

Terry said...

Your tablerunner is just beautiful Grethe! :0)

Grete said...

Koselig kurv og flott løper! Ekstra koselig når det knytter seg minner til den!
Jeg har også sydd noen kurver.....før jeg fant ut av rett størrelse! Koselige som gaver!
Også påske til deg! Klem Grete

Anonymous said...

H Grethe what a cute basket and I love your table runner.xx

Oddbjørg said...

Fin påskeløper og kurv!
Ønsker deg og dine ei riktig god påske!

Annemariesquilt said...

Nyderlig løper og masse påske stemning..
God påske til deg !

Yvonne W said...

Love all your Easter decorations-- the table runner match the daffodils to perfection. Good luck with the sea trout.

Gudveig HN said...

Kurven din ble veldig fin!

2ne said...

Koselig løper og kurv :-)
God påske

Lillian said...

Kjempesøt kurv og fin løper :)
Jeg fulgte linken og er nettopp ferdig med min kurv.

God påske :)

Eva said...

Nydelig løper og tøff kurv!

Siddis back home said...

Å, så mye lekkert du har sydd! Håper du har en fin påske!

Jindi's Cottage said...

God påske Grethe...your basket is very cute. The table runner is lovely, so special to remember your friend every time you use it...Enjoy Spring :)

Houseelf said...

What a wonderfully cheerful basket and table runner. They are both perfect for Spring. Well done for matching the blocks. What a lovely way to remember a dear friend. Hugs.

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