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Sunday, 1 September 2013

A bit more to write about ............... and 36 out of 91 done !!

Another 3 stunning wall quilts from the FoQ. Please also read Nina Lise`s blog,
she has some super photos showing the big variations in a quilt show.   
Nice looking, lots of small lovely details on this Octopus quilt
 seen in Birmingham this year. 

My two grandchildren having a lovely time here, think their movements
remind me of the above quilt.
"On the water and under the water"
 Oh, how I loved  the blue, blue sea ! The quilt there "under the Water"
 was one of the best ones (I think) at the FoQ in Birmingham.   
Another quilt from the quilt show: group of people moving along.
But we are sitting still - my closest family in the summer of 2013  :)) 
Last time you saw us all together was 2 years ago.
I`m sure you can see who is who, SIL and DIL in front of my DH.
Love the abbreviations ... lol ...
Better show you what I have been up to quilting wise. As I told you in
last post not so much done during the past months. But slowly moving on: 
I did the applique of this small table topper, a wee bit each morning
during the holidays, hopefully my finish for September :))
See what I meant on the top, this is 36 done out of 91 mini blocks,
showing your here blocks 1+2 and blocks 8+9 of Leanne Beasley`s 
Each little mini block is so sweet :)) I have started on blocks 3 and 7, 
slowly that is. This all started late 2009 (don`t tell around!!), planning though to
 "rush" at least another 18 mini blocks. .... Well, I`ll try, anyway.
My favourite month of the year has started. The Autumn colours are not here yet,
 as the weather these days are very different than before.
 BUT the mushrooms (KANTARELLER) are shining when you see them! 
 This is my best meal of all for the Autumn:
As DH is away fishing, it`s all mine "the yellow gold" ( referring to the colour
when they are picked, of course). Love veg, as you well may see :-)
All the best my blog friends, enjoy September month you as well!  Grethe xx


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Amazing octopus and yes I can see your grandkids are being octopus -ish too!!!
Lovely family snap - such a good idea on the stairs.
Oh veges are me too - my husband loves meat but the rest of us are happy just with fresh vegs!

I'm catching up at last after spending a couple of months in France with my family.
Shane x

Liv Aagots Quilteblogg said...

Well done with the 36 little sweet blocks, Grethe! The ocopus you have made is really nice, not unlike your grandchildren :)Greetings from Liv Aagot :)

anette eriksen said...

very nice

Anonymous said...

lovely post Grethe.xx

simplestitches said...

lovely! great family photo

Yvette said...

Beautiful family photo.
I adore your Butterfly garden.

Elin said...

Du har hatt ein innhaldsrik sommar, og fått laga mykje fint. No har eg sett ananasblokka på youtube, set var jo ein genial metode. Reknar med du vil anbefale boka ig, men linken din funka ikkje. Sommaren min har gått med til behandlingar. Har ein gong att. Er sjølvsagt sjukmeld. Har tusen prosjekt på gang, men det går smått. Planen er i alle fall å fokusere på juleteppet vårt og få det ferdig!

Yvonne W said...

What a lovely family photo. The mushrooms look interesting-- not something we have here ie not wild ones to go out to pick. Thanks for showing us the quilts-- what detail in some of them.

Ulla said...

The butterfly garden quilt is beautiful with those soft colours and stitcheries. Chanterelles are my favourites too, but very rare this year. DH only found a few, but with some of the dark brown funnel chanterelles he found we had a nice meal for two.
Family is the best!