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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Still enjoying SUMMER ... and 1 finish ...

Off to the FESTIVAL of QUILTS in Birmingham, UK
 earlier this month. Below me here is the North Sea, on board I was
 looking forward to enjoy friends and all that takes place at the Festival. 
Our Norwegian Quilt Association celebrates 25 years this year.
25 quilts of 25" x 25" were chosen to represent the Norwegian guild.
 See mine there on the FoQ`s wall (yes very proud I am !)  During the
 Quilt Festival  I went to one work-class.  Karin Hellaby has Quilters-Haven
 shop in UK. I enjoyed her class tremendously :-)  I also went to a
 lecture with  Kaffe Fassett;  lucky me!  Also ever so lovely to meet
Lynette Anderson again too. Lynette had a  super stall with her books, her own
new designed fabrics and great patterns, all the way from Australia. 
Gorgeous quilts to look at:
So many unique and beautiful quilts: small wall ones as well as big ones,
suitable for large king-seize beds; amazing feeling to walk around the exhibition. 
Meeting lots of friends from Norway; we had several meals together.
(too small pictures, so where is my DD to help me?!!) 
Managed to take a picture of Lynette, Nicola and her daughter Alice before
all visitors gathered in front of the stall. Please take a look at Nicola`s lovely
blog. She has some wonderful pictures from the Festival too.

First photo is Karin`s Quilters Haven stall, her daughter and Theresa helping
 in the shop. Second picture is Julie`s quilt, the 1st prize winning quilt from our
 Norwegian meeting this year. The two last ones is taken at
Stratford on Avon where  Julie and I went to see "As you like it"
with the Royal Shakespeare Company. A half modern, half old-fashion
version; very interesting way of performing, great actors :-)
We went to an outside -fish-and-chip restaurant before the play. 
Here is Julie, Nicola, Annik , +  Merete with her long-arm-quilting machine.
Love to watch when she is showing how the quilting patterns are created :-)
Super buys this year as well: some of the fabrics from the "La Bella Fleur"
range and Lynette Andersson`s new book with great patterns looks tempting.
Beautiful Liberty fabrics, the 2 1/2" to make a small -a-round-the-world-quilt. 
I made 3 blocks of Karin Hellaby`s blocks during her class.
Please check her link if like to buy her book.
Nice to learn this easy way of sewing the pineapple block. Her book is worth
a buy; she has in fact written several books with suggestions of easy ways
 of doing  blocks :-) Very enjoyable work-class this year at the Festival of Quilts.
Detail of the block; square on square, shortly told :-) Looking forward soon
to make one in Christmas colours like one mentioned in the book.
Although a heat-wave this summer, I managed to sew a few stitches, not half
of what I had planned though. Will show you a bit in another post. So till
later then, enjoy the season at your end. Still  perfect summer-weather during
the day here in Oslo, while chilly at nights, perfect really. Thanks for reading! 
 Sorry for such a long break since last time I posted/blogged,
but now I really hope to be back soon again. Hugs ,Grethe.


bodilshobby.blogg.no said...

Så moro å ha quiltet på utstilling, og til og med i England. Gratulerer! Det må ha vært en sto opplevelse.

merete said...

veldig koselig å treffe deg på festivalen. du opplevde jammen mye!

Fiona said...

looks like you made the most of your time there... some lovely work and I'm sure you were very pleased with yours on show too.... wonderful...

Anonymous said...

wow what a wonderful time you had Grethe,thankyou for sharing your pics with us.xx

sunny said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous summer. I received your long newsy email yesterday, which of course I loved reading. You'll have plenty of time in the winter to do more stitching. Enjoy the beautiful weather while you can.

Yvonne W said...

What a lovely trip to the UK and the quilt show. Glad you are finally getting a good summer-- as it was slow to start this year. Sounds like many of us have had a little break from blogging-- just as long as we get back to it. Hope to read more posts soon.

Randi Tangen said...

Så mye fint !!! Ja sommeren er nok på hell med nesten kuldegrader om natta her men på dagtid har vi knallsol og kan grille og sitte ute til sola forsvinn .

Randi Tangen said...

Så mye fint !!! Ja sommeren er nok på hell med nesten kuldegrader om natta her men på dagtid har vi knallsol og kan grille og sitte ute til sola forsvinn .

Jindi's Cottage said...

It looks like such a fabulous trip and show.
Congratulations on having your little quilt part of your Guild's display. The table runner from your class is beautiful. Lovely purchases, enjoy all that lovely fabric.

Ulla said...

Thank you for the travel report from Birmingham! Maybe some year I can visit the festival too. Don't worry about the photos, they click to full screen size.

Yvette said...

It sure looks like you are having a fantastic summer!

Laila said...

Hei. Koselig å treffe deg der :-)
Jammen fikk du med masse fint hjem:-))

Nicky said...

What a wonderful trip away! So good to hear you've had a great summer, we have enjoyed a very mild winter, spring is nearly here, and I am excited for that too.....

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Grethe
What a lovely Quilt Show with so much inspiration for you. It must be fun meeting up with your international friends too.

Such beautiful supplies you bought - you're all set for sitting by the fireside stitching!

Loved your table mats - almost Christmas colours Grethe!
You have the same Windsor dining chairs as me - great minds aye!

Shane x