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Sunday, 8 July 2012

TdF on the go,Butterfly Garden,Gold of the woods,Tags.

Tell your a secret: I have checked my Butterfly Garden. It felt so good seeing all the different fabrics again. Love the colours ,lots of scraps from long time ago. In fact it was good for me to find out how far I had really come on this quilt. It has to be some change of plans on my promise during the Tour ... LOL ... Not bringing  sewing machine with me on holiday, so I will do the stitchery on block 3 and probably manage a bit on block 7 as well. Will be doing the transfer of the stitchery tomorrow.
 Except for block 5 the other blocks seem to work out opposite,
That is the reason why I make two and two.

Block 1 all finished and block 2 all stitcheries are done.
This is block 9 all finished and block 8 all stitcheries done.
Rumors around that the yellow gold of the forest did popp up much earlier than usual this year.
 And look what I found:

See how they grow :-) Finding these mushrooms are almost the same feeling for me  as finishing a quilt; so then you know how happy I feel!  Came home with just a little,but many more to grow big and tasty at my secret place close by. This is what I came home with. Left a lot of  small ones to be picked later when the sun decides to shine on our part of the country!
This is what I came home with. Left a lot of small ones to be picked later when they would grow to at least double seize. As I forgot to bring with me  that little mushroom knife of mine, all the cleaning had to be done when I came home. Then I did put them into boiling water for a second or two.
They always shrink to half seize. Just a small taste this time. Fried with a small cut onion it will be the best taste of all, just right meal for me together with boiled potatoes,cauliflower and carrots. :-)

 Love the small wood close by were we live. Nice view from the top of a small mountain, very compact,love the tall trees and the colours of leaves and flowers:

OK, on to the very final of this weekend:
Moving forward on my tag-stitchery. While switching from France to England and v.v. we were watching TdF as well as Wimbledon. Did some stitching as the cyclists passed by .The tennis match were really exciting; we both had a vote on  Murray, but his time will come :-)

A nice Sunday have almost passed. As miss Marple is on tonight, some more TV watching for me.
Glad I joined the Tour de Fibre, the finish line will not be closed for us on the 22nd., I have heard. 
At the moment I keep organizing what to bring with me for a fortnight`s holiday.
Same place as the last 6 years, down south of Oslo. But plenty of time the whole next week.
Soon back, Hugs,Grethe.



TLC said...

Grethe, Looks like a lovely place to walk. We too were hopping for an Andy Murray win. As he said, He's getting closer. I'm going to borrow your "TdF" acronym.

Fiona said...

butterfly garden is such a pretty quilt and I love watching yours grow.... some lovely pictures of your walk...

sunny said...

Your woods look like a lovely place to take a walk. Hey - did I tell you how much I LOVE your Scandanavia Christmas?

Terry said...

I need to get out my butterfly garden and get to work on it too. I'm just starting out so I've got a long ways to go. The sooner I get busy on it, the better! :0)

May Britt said...

Butterfly Garden is a great summer vacation stitchery/applique. Hope you get a lot done so you can finish this quilt.

Siri Tullerusk said...

The Butterfly garden is so nice, and with such cheerful colours :-) I enjoyed Miss Marple last night also - after missing two episodes in a row due to the European Football Championship (boy, am I nice!)

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Butterfly garden er flott! Håper du får en fin ferie med litt bedre vær enn det som er idag!

Hanne said...

Du er jammen flittig Grethe :-)

Ann-Mari said...

Teppet ditt blir flott. Kos med arbeider som tar litt tid.

Kayly said...

Love your 'Butrerfly Garden'. I picked up a set of patterns for this quilt and her original one 'Leanne's House' from eBay. But I think they will just have go on my very loooong to do list.
Mushroom hunting looks like fun )and tasty), but you know what you are looking for. I'm sure I would poison everyone if I tried it!

Ulla said...

Beautiful Butterfly Garden. The chanterelles look so delicious, and you described my favourite summer meal there! Have you tried them with some fried bacon crumbs? We are watching Miss Marple too, perfect Summer series.