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a quiltlady

Saturday, 30 June 2012

On a sunny day in the garden ...

My local quilt-guild NBQL is having a huge Christmas Quilt Show and Sale on
 Saturday 10. and Sunday 11. of November this year.
Look at  the beautiful quilt here. This quilt is one of three you may win if you buy tickets!!
 I will show you pictures of the other two quilts later in the year. 
Come for a visit and buy the lucky number :-)

 I had some friends over for coffee and cakes the other day. Tove who is the leader of our quilting guild brought the Grandmother`s Flower Garden quilt with her. This way we helped finishing the binding. The border has a bit of a fresher colour in real and will just be gorgeous on a bed. Originally this quilt was started on by one of the members to be her own. But as Karianne was taken seriously ill, she gave the bits and pieces to NBQL for the members to finish. Almost all of the 70 members of the guild  have sewn stitches - some more ,some of us less.
Here`s three of us finishing the binding.
Tove,me and Reidun.
Solveig, Reidun and Tove enjoying sewing in the garden.

We, Tove, Astri, Sissel, Eli, Solveig, Reidun and Berit  had such a good time together,
 all busy sewing on this and that. Always show and tell when quilting friends have a come together.
Here`s Sissel and Berit .
Berit has some crash- trouble on her lovely blog, but will soon be back,she says)
My DH did put up a tent in case of some drizzle. But the weather was warm and sunny. Can you see some of my bags hanging on the ropes? Nice display, for safety that is,so nobody get strangled! LOL
Hello to you in my stitch-along-group of the Scandinavian Christmas.
I`m working slowly stitch by stitch!
Soon finishing the stitching on block 4, then onto the small 3 1/2" churn dash :o)

I`m off to the nursery now to buy some more flowers for two empty pots in the garden, ìt`s a huge outside flower-nursery.  I can feel the rain is just around the corner, so I must rush.
Till next time, all the best to you. Hugs,Grethe.


sunny said...

What a fun day! My invitation must have got lost in the mail. That hexie quilt is gorgeous!!

Terry said...

What a lovely quilt! Anyone would be thrilled to win it! :0)

Oddbjørg said...

Er sikker på at dere hadde det kjempekoselig i lag!
Utlodningsteppet skulle jeg absolutt ikke hatt noe imot å vinne; må nok kjøpe lodd om jeg får muligheten.
Ha ei fin helg1

Ulla said...

It must be great to have a group of friends to quilt with in real life too. The quilt you are making is beautiful. Well done whit the last big block on SC.

Grete said...

Du, jeg kjøper det lykkeloddet med en gang, jeg! Så flott gevinstteppe, og så håndsydd! Dere ser ut til å ha det kjempekoselig, og så mye flott rundt om på gjerder og i teltsnorer!
Ha en fin søndag!

Fiona said...

What a lovely day to all sit outside for chatting and sewing... I love the picture with the three of you all working on the same quilt... lots of lovely ones to see

helbel19 said...

Everyone looks so happy enjoying each others company, love the quilt.


bodilshobby.blogg.no said...

Så artig med en slik sydag i hagen, bildet hvor dere har samsying på lukkekant er fornøyelig. Nydelig teppe til utlodning, der ligger det mange timers arbeid bak. Fortsatt god sysommer.

SNOR said...

Det ser ut som dere hadde det veldig hyggelig. Nydelig teppe, heldig er den som vinner det.

Gudveig HN said...

Kariannes teppe ble kjempefint!

Ser ut som dere har det kjempekoselig :-)

Jindi's Cottage said...

The winner will be very lucky to have such a lovely quilt...sad that your friend did not get to finish her quilt but nice that she gave it to your group and you all get to stitch and remember her..it certainly looks like you all had a lovely day...great idea to put the gazebo up and hang your bags off the ropes!...I always run into the ropes...enjoy your week, hope the sun continues to shine.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely gathering of friends and quilts. Your yard is the perfect setting. The garden quilt is gorgeous and someone will be very lucky to win it.

LeKaQuilt said...

Så koselig dere har hatt det :o)
Teppe til lotteriet er virkelig nydelig - jeg må prøve å være med på dette :o)

Houseelf said...

Well done Grethe! You are so nearly there with Scandinavian Christmas. It looks like you ladies had a wonderful day of sewing and looking at each others work. The Grandma's Flower Garden quilt is very special simply because so many friends worked together on it. What a special prize!

Kayly said...

This looks like it was a wonderful day! I think there are a few of who wish they could have been there too.