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a quiltlady

Friday, 21 October 2011

Looking forward to a big party tonight: more than 160 people are joining!

Please check my sidebar for the FNSI button.The host tonight is Bobbi; still space for you to sign up there as well:-) It will be a great party,check the rules on Bobbi`s blog:-)

This is my pattern
for tonight`s FNSI.

Getting prepared for the evening!

Trying to find the fabrics from my stash;fancy that,fairly rare actually,but will be glad if this works out. Apples to eat,boxes filled with chocolate and of course a glass I definitely could fill water into if I feel thirsty! A promising evening to come,and I am bound to use more than tonight for this small wall quilt.

What I`m making? Have you guessed? Wait and see,but Christmas is about 2 months away,so I got to get cracking! Looking forward to seeing what every body are doing tonight. The local time here in Oslo is 340pm/1540
-ready-steady-go :-)

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sunny said...

You are all set to go! I can't wait to see what you make from that pattern. I'm still working on fall items, and plan to work on a few pumpkins for FNSI. I'll be back to see what you made. Have fun!!