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a quiltlady

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My American Quilt Rack,Two of a Kind and Block 10 of the Layer-Cake-Quilt-Along......

I have joined a challenge with lovely
prizes. If you have a quilt rack or any
rack to hang your quilts on, you`re in.
Check the blogs of the two Norwegian
quilters;lekaquilt and lappetausa.

I have had my rack for many years. On it now you see my first quilt
ever "Jacob`s Ladder to the Stars" plus a quilt done in the pattern
"Sewn in Time". Sometimes I vary what is on the top of the rack.
Love showing my friends this and that when they come around for a visit :))) LOL

TWO of a KIND,Coffey and Cats:
Mug Rugs for my C&C friends,see what I mean,reversible makes it fun
to make. And they loved them:-)

Now over to the "Breakfast at Tiffany`s" quilt-soon-to-be-quilt.
This block looks a bit lonely. But only two more blocks to be
sewn and then all the 12 blocks are ready.I still love the
fabric range I chose for this Layer-Cake-Quilt-Along.
Check on Flikr to see all the variations of fabric ranges.
Yes,by May or June this block will be joined together with
the other 11 blocks with sashing and all.
Must work hard accomplish,I know......

Outside the snow is melting slowly. The sun is shining from
almost a blue sky,the temperature is just above 0,so a walk
will do me good:-) Later back to my sewing room,something
to take care of in every corner there! Yes,yes,I`m still
knitting that grey wool-jumper ........
Wishing you all a very nice week,Take Care :-)


Berit said...

Ohh Du tar pusten fra meg. Du er sååååå flink med bloggen din, så det er nødt til å bli et kurs snart. Grethe du gjør mye lekkert

Simone de Klerk said...

Waht a lovely rack and such beautiful quilts. Very impressive, your first quilt!
Love the Tiffany block. Such soft colors.

Terry said...

I just love your quilt rack! And the quilts on it are beautiful as well! Thanks for sharing! :0)

LeKaQuilt said...

Her er det altid mye lekket å se. Quilte stativet ditt er kjempe lekkert......lol lilk som mitt he he Takk for at du er med på vår lille giveaway.

Gudveig said...

Du lager så mye fint! Takk for titten.

helbel19 said...

What lovely quilts Grethe, you should show them off. Very nice block too, it will be great to see the finished quilt.