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a quiltlady

Friday, 4 February 2011

New Beginnings - Flood Appeal 2011.

I am pleased to see that my envelope has arrived safe. The postal takes
such a long time in reaching Australia all the way from Norway. My name
is now on the sidebar of the Gum Tree Designer`s blog,which means they
have received it. I am glad to be helping.

The contents are almost what Gum Tree suggested. Hopefully soon a quilter
that has lost much/all of her bits and pieces in this tragic and
devastating flood,will find some sort of joy in what we quilters send.

Please check my sidebar for the "New Beginnings" button. I am not very
good in getting buttons alive,so you must go into their blog address.
I am sure they are pleased in all useful quilt items we send.
Gum Tree and others are doing a wonderful thing helping the people in need.


Annemariesquilt said...

So god du er !!
Dette er det noen som blir veldig glad for ;-)

Marit said...

Godt nyrr år Grete. Du er godt i gang ser jeg:)

Berit said...

Hvordan får du tid til alle prosjektene dine?
Du må ha 36 timer i døgnet.
Hvordan ble det med Noas ark?