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a quiltlady

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Calender says FEBRUARY!! This means JANUARY 2011 has passed for me as well:-)

My header says it all,refering to my blog should be the "bestseller",
great to be having a big hope....for the time being:)))))))

Decided to count my UFO`s in January and to be honest about the number!
My little 5 year helped me. She could easily count to 100 she said:
1,2 ..... 27,28,full stop,then 90,91,92 then full stop,so 110!! Well,
I decided better to show you as time goes by.No long holiday coming
up,so I am bound to dig into the big UFO box very often.... LOL ....

Noah`s Ark soon to be a wall quilt:

Believe me when I say the fabrics you see have been borders sewn really
properly on,but glad I do have a super seam-riper:)))) LOL. It is as
true as can be..... almost deceided now,so stay with me for some more
days and you will see the result! I have followed Lynette A. in her
stitching patterns,but should really have been log-cabin around each
block. Oh well,tea with some good quilting friends tomorrow and I am
always open for advice:-)


I love the fabrics of "Breakfast at Tiffany`s",but I chose the fabrics
because the name was great!! I do wonder what the result of this 64"x80"
fun quilt will look like when finished in about 5??? months from now. Mooseonthepouch.blogspot.com started this group on 2 of Nov, one pattern
every 14 days, exciting actually!

A Tisket A Tasket is growing as it should:

My sort of private BOM. You know,as I have all the 12 patterns,
have promised my self to be good to be starting first of each month.
Well,trying the best I can,that is!!! I really love each of
the blocks:-)

HAPPY QUILTING all blog friends:-)


Gudveig said...

Mye fint her som fortjener å bli ferdig!

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Jeg tør ikke telle mine ufo'er. Mye fint du holder på med,

Oddbjørg said...

Du har mye fint å jobbe med framover. UFOer har jeg også mange av, men innimellom gir jeg meg selv lov til å starte på nye ting. Vi skal jo kose oss med hobbyen :-)

Berit said...

Godt å se at du er "på banen" igjen. Begynte å bli bekymret. siden det er lenge siden du skrev.
<<Smart måte å montere Noas ark på.

Farm Girl said...

Hi Grethe, your projects are lovely. Good luck with the bestseller. lol

Jindi's Cottage said...

You are braver than me...everytime I try to list my UFO's it scares me silly and I give up...

Sølvi's blog said...

Godt å se at du er i gang med UFO-bekjempelsen. Har maaaaange jeg også.