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a quiltlady

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas all to all my blogfriends.

We have full winter up here in the north of the globe. Strange it was when I received The Summertime Issue of Homespun today!
We have the most cold and wintry weather at the moment.
But the snow brings a lot of light,super light if I only had
the time to sit down with some stitchery:)))

Winter or Summer, Oh,how busy we all are preparing for Christmas. All around the house here we have Santa's, as well as Nativity groups(picture of my OPAM for December next week) Our big day is in the Evening of the 24. of December.
The parcels for small and ground-ups are placed under the tree.

And on the 24. our family first go to Church, then the big meal
and so we open the parcels.We dress up nicely,all the women in our
family wear their national costume.

We have pork-roast,3 different sausages,cabbage and potatoes. For pudding
it is creamed rice with lovely red blackcurrant syrup. The one that finds
the almond in the rice pud wins the lovely marzipan-pig :-)
Very Norwegian this meal,together with 2 other favorites: lamb and cod -
all depending where in Norway you live. Just so that you know .......

Yes,the snow is so lovely and chalk white.On the snow,just for display,
you see my set of the two log cabin tablecloths that I made last year.
The Santa with skies and poles has been with us for a long time. The
the little log cabin Santa is newly sewn. The Christmas Star flower
has lasted for years.It is -17 out there now. This year,this weekend,it
is supposed to be the coldest Christmas for 110 years!

All the best,and I wish for a peaceful Christmas around the world.


Terry said...

Love those little Christmas quilts. Merry Christmas Grethe! :0)

May Britt said...

En riktig god jul til deg og dine.

Annemariesquilt said...

Nyderlige Log Cabin quilts du har laget.. Nissen er nyderlig også.
God Jul til deg også !!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a very happy Christmas, and do stay warm!!! We are spoiled here in San Diego and whine when we get rain.

Enjoy the time with your family;-)


sunny said...

Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing your traditions with us. I love your log cabins!

Yvette said...

Merry Christmas to you my friend!

I really adore those log cabin table covers. I look forward to more of your projects in the year to come.

Farm Girl said...

Merry Christmas Grethe to you and your family - Have a wonderful time together.

Kirsten said...

Så nydelige juleduker!
God Jul og Godt Nytt år til deg og dine!

Hilsen Kirsten

Jytte R said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Grethe. Your two log cabins are just beautiful.
I like your tradions in Norway, almost similar to ours here in Denmark. We have a very cold winter this year, but as you say, it is good for stitching with all the light.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh your Christmas celebration sounds lovely! Those mini quilts in the picture are so pretty! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Kayly said...

Merry Christmas Grethe. Our family Christmas tradition - finding the silver coins in the pudding. When I was little you got to keep the coin. Our coins these days cannot be put in the pudding - they are not silver - but I have kept some old coins to use and we swap them for prizes. Take care. Have a great day with your family.

Jindi's Cottage said...

God Jul til deg Grethe...
Your table mats and santas look so beautiful against the pristine white snow...but -17c brrrrr....mind you, it has hardly been a hot Australian Christmas Day here...haven't seen the sun all day...it has been overcast and dull and maybe 20c...
Your meal is very different to ours...we had prawns (for my mother I bought a little ham, my father and I don't eat pig meats) and cantaloupe salad for starters...roast meats - beef, turkey & chicken - with roast vegetables and green vegetables...and mince pies for dessert with coffee because we were too full for the plum pudding and custard which I would have served for my parents (I don't eat it anyway so I didn't care)...our traditions are very English in origin...and lots of chocolates and homemade by me shortbread and gingerbread biscuits...
Enjoy your Christmas Day...as ours comes to a close, so yours begins...