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a quiltlady

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Lovely snow on second Sunday of Advent:

Seems like the snow fell under! the roof here on "A Gingerbread Christmas",
a Brandywine Design.I made this wall quilt some years back. My daughter got
it as a Christmas-present,and I take care of it for about 11 months:-)

It has been exceptionally cold in this area for some time now.
But with warm clothes and the sun shining bright,things are fine.
Nice view of our next-door neighbour`s garden.

The apples you can spot here,are definitely too late to be picked!

Is this a recipe for you to use?? Easy to use for all Norwegians,
but just use a good translation-book,and anybody will be fine!!!

We have a birch log to put the purple candles into. Some years old,
my DH made it before we got married. We only use it for the 4 Sundays
every year, never tempted to put it in the fireplace!

The 3 different fabrics will be made into a "broken 9-patch"-table-runner.
So I said last year,but this year for sure....very soon ......
Looking for that pattern, as well as for the pattern for the log-cabin-
Santas,remember I showed you some posts ago.
I`m looking and looking,it`s hidden somewhere in the "big box" :))))))

Till next time wishing you all some nice days towards the Christmas days.


May Britt said...

Så flott det øverste pepperkaketeppet var :)

Gudveig said...

Det ble kjempefint!

Oddbjørg said...

Morsomt pepperkaketeppe!


Hi--love your quilts and the winter pictures are just breath taking--it has been colder here for the past week than for this time of the year I believe--we usually get these temps in Jan or Feb--
I would like a little--now notice I said "little" snow on the ground--that always makes me feel more like Christmas!!!
Hugs, Di

LeKaQuilt said...

Så fine pepperkake quilter du har! Er like koselig med pepperkakequilter som julequilter :o)

sunny said...

I love all your gingerbread people, and your snow pictures are very pretty. We're having a very dreary rain today that is expected to turn to ice tonight. May have to work from home tomorrow!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Oh Grethe - I just love that Gingerbread Christmas - too cute! And, I love the other wall hanging, too! Stay warm - it looks so very cold there!

Paula said...

Grethe- I like your Gingerbread Christmas wall quilt, it is very nice. Good job.

You should give it a try, and enter this into my sewing challenge blog here at, Paula's Sewing Challenges, and you could win a little something, something.

Hope you check it out.

Simone de Klerk said...

Such a very cute ginger bread quilt!
And oh, how lovely your place is with snow. Beautiful with those blue skies!
Have a lovely week.

Sølvi's blog said...

Så koselige pepperkaketepper. Og så den vedkubbestaken da. Jeg har to nisser av vedkubber som mine to eldste laga i barnehagen for leeenge siden. De må fram hvert år