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a quiltlady

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Hello Blogger-Friends ......

This is a finished block of "a Gardeners Journal". Still 3 more blocks to go before the whole quilt top is stitched and sewn. I am almost sure that I manage to stick to the plan that www.chookyblue.blogspot.com arranged.
Lovely stitch-a-long club :-)

Check my picture above there,not many months left of 2011. I made this quilt abour 5 years ago.The quilt has 12 lovely pictures symbolizing each month,last 3 up there!

Well, a month`s supply that I couldn`t live without or arrivals from a year back? Well,it is up to you to find out,...not telling you.... All I may say,is that I definitely will be busy for the rest of my life :-)
By the way,the two envelopes there in the front are gifts (lucky me!),showing you the contents another time. And just now waiting for the postman`s knock ,may be more stuff shortly to arrive,lovely :-)

My Garden is slowly growing,looking just as I hoped. After ordering a JR of Evening Mist I think it looks ever so good. And the best thing this will turn out a MINI quilt compared with the bigger ones!!! Well,my Noah`s Ark is also growing,but for sure sailing it`s own way. But soon I`ll show you.


Hanne-Kristine said...

Lekkert, lekkert, lekkert.
Så spennende å få se dine My Garden blokker også.
Mine skal få stoff strimmler og applikasjoner på torsdag og videre utover helgen. Glede meg vilt :)
Og plutselig får vi blokk 5! ha ha ha
Ønsker deg en fortsatt flott uke.
klem hk

Yvette said...

Your GJ block is wonderful! I am in awe of all of those packages, it looks like Christmas arrived early.

OOOOH, look at your garden! I still have mine in the package, I really need to find time to do this one.

Terry said...

Love your GJ block. I have this months to put together and then two more to stitch and put together. I still can't believe I've kept up with this! And holy cow that's a bunch of mail! LOL

Chookyblue...... said...

LOL..............how many packages does a girl need Grethe........I am sure they all contained wonderful goodies.........

Liven said...

Your Gardeners Journal impresses me - I only done one - might wait untill next spring;}

Jytte R said...

Både din blok til 'A Gardener's Journal' og dine blokke til 'My Garden' ser rigtig fine ud.
Dejligt at være nået så langt. Jeg venter stadig på mønster og knap til blok 4 til 'My Garden'. Med hensyn til din stak af spændende breve, må det bestemt være os quiltere, der holder postvæsenet i live.

Berit said...

Det var manfe BOMer. Nå har endelig Tiny town kommet også, men det var jammen forskjell på det fra fat quarter og antiqe angels..
Men da er det bare å begynne å sy.

Simone de Klerk said...

Oh Grethe, I really had a laugh, seeing all those envelopes and boxes. It does look so familiar!!!
Love your My Garden blocks.