a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Noah`s Ark here it comes!

Oh,yes, slowly getting there,it is ever so cute, lovely to be able to find free
patterns.Many thanks to Lynette. May be Noah will be my February OPAM?

More stitching later on, tonight that is. After "keep fit"-class, I
am babysitting,that means none stitching. Then of course to day is also handball match Norway v. Island... they must-must-must win this one. So I must concentrate
on the match to help them win!(on the telly,that is).

We have the most beautiful weather here in Oslo today, must go skiing on of
these days,may be ..... so long .....

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Anonymous said...


Hope you can complete the Noah's Ark BOM. I have them all printed out, but have yet to start on them.

Saw the idea about one UFO in a box, I may try that one.

Visiting from happy in quilting. I am slowly visiting all the names listed on her blog. I'm at the "G's" right now.