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a quiltlady

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Happy Happenings since last post...

1.   Meeting my blogfriend Oddbjørg was so nice.
She gave me some beautiful season flowers, such a good match
to the Autumn colours all around us these days. I love the Autumn!
We enjoyed eating lunch, visiting Kathrines Quilt Shop.
(unable to transfer pics from my mob to my blog)
 We both agreed we would have wait to starting the "Smitten" quilt,
untill we had finished more of our UFO`s .
2.   Another famous designer from Australia JEN KINGWELL
 has just visited Oslo for 5 days. Oh, lucky us getting inspired by her
fabrics with fresh colours and exciting blocks. Jen had brought 15 or was
it 20 beautiful quilts for the Show and Tell evening.  I was seated in row 4 of 15.
May Brit of Abyquilt was in first row. She has some great pictures on her blog!
Some quilters had already made quilts using Jen`s patterns.
Here is Elin with one of hers, My Small World:
I had a little chat with Jen at the enterence where she helped
out as Helle gave me advice on my turn-under on one of my
slow-working projects the ChinaShop quilt :-)

3.   A BABY SHOWER was held for Mona, my son`s partner.
 Above is my present, a little wall quilt, the pattern is by Chocolate Coated.
This one is my OPAM finish for September :-)))
The shower was a big surprise for Mona, as she thought is was just having a
cup of coffee at her friends house. There we were about 10 of us :-)

Erik and Mona, dad and mum to be, for a little boy, born on Oct.4?? 
We`ll just have to wait and see when he is ready to meet us all :-)
The pic below was taken just before when dear son Erik (38)
ran half-maraton in the Oslo Maraton.
We had a nice meal the 4 of us afterwards at the Egon place in Oslo.

4.   Happy 5th for Marius and Happy 14th of September for Siri,
both are now 40 years old!
My DD: 0 year and 40 years. S + M arranged a super 40th.
birthday party at a seaside hotel. Big celebrations for 3 day!

Last 3 blocks (27 mini blocks) of  BG are now cut, sewn and ready
 to be stitched and appliqued. So YES, moving slowly forward.
At last, I have done some sewing as well
 inbetween it all, plus exercise 3 times aweek :-) :-)

I`ll be joining " a couple" of others soon in the
ROYAL ALBERT HALL. Steinar and I will be there
on October 14th. celebrating Sir Cliff Richard`s 75th.birthday.
Oh yes, something to be looking forward to!
Bound to be a couple of  pictures to show you later one day :-)
Happy Sewing to you all, from Grethe xx


sunny said...

Well I can certainly see why you don't have time to blog! Having all that fun should keep you young.

Radka said...

Wow, that's a busy post :-) You had a lovely time.
I love Jen's designs.

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