a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Sunday 26 July 2015

Only 4 days left ....

.... till one month has passed since my last post!
I know, shame on me;sorry, hope to improve.

 Summer holidays for most people in Norway at the moment :-)
Here we are the closest of my family, from left;
Mona, DH, Siri, Marius,Erik, then Eline 10, me and Kasper 12.
Mona is growing, my son Erik is as happy as can be;
the baby boy is due in early October! 
Same proceeds as the previous years: down at our summer place :-)
For me this year only 4 days as I have problems with my knee.
but stronger tablets etc. makes things better and better. Being ever so
careful, so I can make the trip to Festival of Quilts in England later,
 I hope, I hope.....

Summer 2015 collage, windy and cold, but such a warm sun
when it happened to smile to us :-)
Some happy collage picturs to watch!
For the first time EVER on a holiday, I did not bring any sewing
with me. Will never happen again, that`s for sure. 

No finishes yet, but I have been working on Simply Blessed. 
Think  I told you that May Britt at Abyquilt and HanneQuilt
arrange a sew-together during the Tour of France called Tour de Fiber.
All happening on FB during the competition.
Glad to have finished these three blocks, pattern by Rosalie Quintain.
Things takes time! Probably a wall hanging to be!
Still waiting for the dream summer to come, warm sun and cold wind
as well as rainshowers seem to be mixed up almost every day.

Butterfly bush is really slow growing.
The two first pics here are from 2015 and the third from 2014!
Hopefully it will bloom and many butterflies will visit :-)

Meanwhile I must get a move-on with with this little quilt-to-be.
This one will be a little,sweet one, more later on one day ... lol ...
... and my knee and leg is getting better and better! Bigger hope for
the Festival of Quilts in UK, August 6-92015 :-)
Have the best of time, till later, Grethe xx


Terry said...

Oh I love the little butterfly quilt you're making! I look forward to seeing it come together! :0)

Yvonne W said...

Nice to read another blog post from you-- I do hope your knees will behave for you and you enjoy the UK Quilt trip. The butterflies look very cute.

sunny said...

I was getting worried about you, but then I remembered seeing you on FB. Your family time looks like great fun. Your butterfly pic is beautiful, as is your butterfly sewing. Enjoy summer while you can!


There is nothing better than a happy family and it looks like you are a winner there--
glad your body is getting better--so take care so you can to go on that trip--
happy stitching-
smiles, di

Radka said...

Well, if you are coming to UK, do bring your winter coat with you, it is so cold here right now!

Chookyblue...... said...

glad to see you back......lots of lovely family time......hope the knee improves........Simply blessed looks good.....