a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Colourful pansies by the entrance and only 1 mail left!

The flower pot by our entrance, 
they have been blooming for weeks :-)
They were planted in the pot just as the snow melted.
Giveing them food every second day has helped.

50 mails! Most popular on Google or could there be another reason!

About an hour later:
Only one mail left now, -yes, you-  lol :-)

HAPPY SEWING all blog friends,  Hugs, Grethe xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Grethe,love those flowers xx

Jan said...

Good morning, Grethe. Your pansies are beautiful - they're my favourite flowers. Now it's winter, too cold for pansies - and for me!

Fiona said...

pansies are a favourite and yours look just lovely...


RandiT said...

Ja stemor er nesten den eneste som tåler vår/forsommeren vi har nå for jammen er det kaldt. Gradstokken viser bare 2,6 grader kl halv fem i dag så sommern har ikke begynt her i hvertfall..:)