a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Friday, 29 May 2015

an early start on a rainy Saturday .....

Looking forward to a special birthday party in my
own home. I am sure lots of great things on all blogs
celebrating Chookyblue`s 3 years-birthday of the shed!!

a "blue" weekend has started :))   
 a GAIL PAN bag to be made 
This beautiful kit was bought from Janenee at Fabric Patch
late last year. Being May 30th I am all set:

- stitchery will be made on Saturday
- cutting, sewing + etc. on Sunday

Rock solid plan, I am sure! Time to pop into blogs as well :-)
Now, another cup of coffey will get me started.
Enjoy your day. Hugs, Grethe xx


Chookyblue...... said...

the perfect colour for this weekend..........have fun making your bag.............

Tumlaren said...

Very nice colour! I´m looking forward to see the results.

Radka said...

That is going to be a very pretty bag :-)

sunny said...

Sounds like a grand plan! Love your fabrics.