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a quiltlady

Thursday, 23 April 2015

an AnnAKa finish and moving on with KAFFE FASSETT ...

Lovely Spring time where I live and no snow left here.
 Enjoying my cousin`s tree with no leaves yet.
 Just lots of  beautiful white flowers: 

April finish:
 wall hanging by an AnnAKa Design pattern called "Margeritter"

More fabrics left so I might make another one, one of these days!!
My first one was sold at one of our Christmas markets years back.
A wee bit of quilting and I have shaddow quilted the flower.

Remember I joined Homespun`s Kaffe Fassett China Shop 2015?
Slowly moving forward, block 2 is here:
I have reduced the seize with 25 pct, to make the quilt fit,
Hope to alternate with "a Garderner`s Journal" which hangs in the hall.

Beautiful weather here these days. 
AND mr. KAFFE and mr.BRANDON are " just around the corner".
Kaffe`s exhibition has arrived Norway. He will be giving 3 lectures
on May 9th and 10th. Something to be looking forward to :-) :-)
Happy Crafting to you all, from Grethe xx


Oddbjørg said...

Nydelige blomster, både de levende og de av stoff! Kos deg med sømmen!
Her var det 10-12 cm snø i dag tidlig, så våren lar vente på seg.

sunny said...

Lots of pretty flowers, both indoors and out. So glad Spring finally got to you. Enjoy your weekend with Kaffe!!

Annemariesquilt said...

Flott løper Grethe !
Jeg har mønsteret men jeg har aldri kommet så langt som deg. Jeg er fremdeles i tenkeboksen :-)


What pretty white flowers--here the flower for spring is a yellow one mostly--and love your flower quilt projects--spring is 'poppin' up all over there at your place!!

Jenny said...

How exciting , the exhibition.. I love the wall hanging and the spring flowers .. enjoy it all.

Yvonne W said...

The Kaffee Fassett exhibition should be fantastic. Enjoy it.