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a quiltlady

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

A bit of this + A bit of that ......

More goodies from my Advent Kalendar, 
another 7 days have been opened. 

Enjoying the Advent calendar contents; looking forward till next
time when I will open many more :-)

Safe-bands shining brightly :-)
Kasper, our grandson,11, stayed the night yesterday.
Here he is off to school wearing my DH`s sweather.
I knitted this one like 30 years ago. It must have shrunck 
while being washed, but it really looks quite like a new one!

A busy day at our place:
Eline,grand daughter,9 years is helping DH with 
putting up the Christmas tree.

Soon decorations are ready for the big day on December 24th.
Focusing on my SSCS-presents, I think my helper
did a pretty good job on the decoration part.

One of the two table mats soon to be ticked off!
The twin look-alike will be sewn tomorrow, then a new
Christmas present to be wrapped into pretty paper :-)

Enjoy the time being wheather you are in the winter zone
or summer zone! Happy Sewing inbetween all the preparing
 for Christmas. My this-and-that-list is still  growing :-) 
Till next my next post: Take Care, from Grethe xx


Randi Tangen said...

Så masse flott i julekalenderen din:) Og reflesker viktig nå altså siden det er så mørkt! vi har snø så det er lyst og fint når månen er oppe også men supert at folk breuker refleks da de er ute. Fin spisebrikke i delikate farger og stoff:)

Randi Tangen said...

Noen skrivefeil ser jeg men iveren tar helt overhånd når jeg skriv på blogger;) Ha en fin tirsdag videre:)

feltfree på Åsly said...

Masse fine julegaver i kalenderen. Det var koselig og får hjelp med pynting. Ha en fin kveld

Annemariesquilt said...

Flott juleoppdatering :-)
God Jul til deg Grethe!
Juleklem fra meg..

sunny said...

How nice to be able to spend time with the Grandies! Looks like you're keeping busy, as usual. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Ulla said...

Christmas with young children has so much more magic than a grown-ups' Christmas. Your grandchildren look like great helpers.

Chookyblue...... said...

christmas is happening at your place..........enjoy........

Houseelf said...

Beautiful tree and grandchildren. It looks like you are very busy in these final days before Christmas.

Jenny said...

The tree is lovely and how nice to have the grandchildren helping you. My GD arrived on Thursday and will be with me for Christmas. Love the decorations and the jumper( Knitted pull over) Merry Christmas Grethe.