a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

"home sweet home"

This is how it goes:  Should have left at 0620 this morning for some  
days spent at the Festival of Quilts in UK. However here I am 
trying to enjoy time at home :-)
I made this quilt some years back, 
now reminding me that "there`s no place like home".

Wee bit hard at the moment accepting that the flight took off without
me and that my hotel room was canceled yesterday. However
 my knee is better than last week, so I am on the right track :-)

Instead of visiting the quilt festival this year, I have to enjoy
days at home! My UFO box is close by, this means I will go
through it and pick up this and that to work on.
 "Hugo" here will have his face stitched, I am sure :-)

Nice and relaxing summertime in sun, watching this butterfly
enjoying the butterfly-flowers. To all friends off to the FoQ in BHX, I do
hope you`ll have a super time. Thanks for reading everyone :-)
Grethe xx


Sigrun said...

Så trist at du ikke kunne dra. Men helsa først , det vet jeg det aller meste om av egen erfaring :-). God bedring og fortsatt god sommer. Også så flink du er som åpner ufoboksen din :-).

Edny sine puslerier said...

For et koselig og fint teppe!Det er godt hjemme, men selvfølgelig ikke kjekt når reiser må kanselleres. Riktig god bedring til deg, og kos deg med hjemmequilting;)

Anonymous said...

Oh no Grethe sorry the plane went without you.Love your quilt and have fun stitching Hugos face.xx

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh dear Grethe hope all is all right with you....at least you have some UFO's to go on with!

sunny said...

So sorry you weren't able to go to the festival. But you must get rested and healed so you knee doesn't get worse. You have the right attitude - just think positive thoughts about all the extra stitching you will get done. Hugs!

Raewyn said...

Sorry that you had to stay home this time - very disapppinting. Time to immerse yourself in your sewing room and get lost in some of your projects!

Hanne said...

Det var synd å høre at du måtte avlyse i år! Riktig god bedring med kneet!

Ulla said...

Health comes first, don't you think? Next year you will be able to visit the festival and be in a better condition to enjoy it. You have a lovely garden. The heat wave reaches all the way to us too.

Yvonne W said...

So sorry to hear that your knee stopped you from going to the show. I hope your knee heals quickly.