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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Still Sunday ...

A very sunny Sunday, we have a lovely heatwave here at the moment ;))
I am still in the party modus. Not only have I joined a 2 year`s
 celebration,  but also a 75 year`s one ...lol.

In the 2 year`celebration one I am sewing as you read in my last
post. I have managed to cut 10 mini blocks of
 block 3 and 7 of the Butterfly Garden quilt.
 I love all the small fabrics cuts, starting to sew these together feels great. 
My plan is now to keep on with the BG blocks for the rest of the week.
 Well, well slower than first planned. But thanks a lot Chookyblue
for your sewing party. Without it, this project would still be in it`s box!

No big meals to day, just nibbling this and that all day.
This fruits tasted  good.

1938 the first Oslo Airport FORNEBU opened, hence the 
celebration of the 75 years today. Both DH and I went to this "party". 
 We are in the  crowd  there somewhere! A big program  from 12 to 4pm.
Not much of an airport picture, although we all are almost on the runway!
But Fornebu was closed in 1998. We now use Oslo Airport Gardemoen.

Lovely JUNE month, first of our Summer months today. Feels good.
 Nice to see the growth of plants and hear the birds singing so loud.
 Wishing you all a nice time ahead:-) cheers Grethe xx


Anonymous said...

lovely post grethe and i hope you have a wonderful day.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

so pleased you are working on something that would have still been neglected.....well done.....cool fruit on the plate......and a lovely sunny day for your other celebrations...........

sunny said...

Well aren't you just the party girl?!? That fruit looks yummy - what a great presentation.

sunny said...
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Nanette said...

Pretty quilt you're working on Grethe. Like you, I joined Chooky's party and worked on a quilt that I might otherwise have left sitting in the drawer. The fruit platter looks yummy.

Oddbjørg said...

Du fikk mye ut av helga! Quilten kommer til å bli flott!
Her ble det ikke de helt store resultatene, men alt er jo bedre enn ingenting.
Ha ei fin uke!

Houseelf said...

Well done Grethe for getting on with the project after so long. That must feel so good.

I have been having a thing for peaches this year. Fresh fruit is wonderful on a sunny day.

Yvonne W said...

A great start to your quilt. Gorgeous blue sky in your photo-- sort of weather that makes you want to be out there and enjoying it-- like everyone was in the photo.

Josie said...

Loving the BG blocks! Isn't it great to get to know an old project again. Makes you wonder why you put it away. Hope you have a good stitching week.....

Kamao Poot said...

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