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a quiltlady

Thursday, 29 May 2014

COLOURS - a non quilting post.

Colours from start till the end.

CLIFF RICHARD still at his best :-)
A picture of the stage just before he entered.
The famous singer visited Oslo, Norway 2 days ago. Oh, what an enjoyable
evening, from start till the end, being there was like another dream :-)

 He filled the Oslo Spektrum Hall with hundreds of fans. 
He held a super concert once more, singing many of his old and best songs,
 mixed with new ones. Born in 1940 it is amazing how he managed to be so fit.
 What a great age :)) 75 next year, he is looking happy and very well .
The light settings were magnificant.,here is just a short photo version. 
As no cameras were allowed, I used my IPone the best I managed.

Enjoying a boat trip, fortunatly it was a sunny day in Oslo on Tuesday.
Yes, a FB photo and he looks happy :-)
Well, while listening to Cliff`s music, I better concentrate on butterflies,
 as that is my theme for the weekend sew-along party.
CU soon, Grethe xx


Anonymous said...

wow Grethe,so glad you enjoyed yourself.xx

Fiona said...
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Fiona said...

what a great experience...

Houseelf said...

Looks like you had a wonderful evening. I've liked him since watching "Summer Holiday" but the UK music industry only want young clones that they can market easily. I think I read somewhere that Radio 1 boycotted his music just because of his age!