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a quiltlady

Sunday, 18 May 2014

another day to remember,............. 200 years celebration .

Norway`s constitutional Day was yesterday.
Norway has been independant for 200 years.
In bright sun from an almost clear blue sky 160 schools marched through
the streets of Oslo. The parade of children lasted for about 3 1/2 hour
It was the best 17. of  May ever :-) Throught out whole of Norway as well as
 Norwegians abroad there were parades, singing and cheerings together
 with many music brass bands. Yes, very patriotic we are !!

Many of the Norwegians wore their national custumes.

The youngest children in the Oslo parade were "connected" with
their own loop on a band not to get lost, and they were all told to
always remembering who they walked next to!

As Norway celebrated 200 years of independense yesterday, the next door
neighbours countries were invited. Both the countries in the earlier days
wanted Norway for their own.  Here you see 2 kings and 1 queen for real :-)
 Queen Margrethe of Denmark, dressed in clear blue, then further to her
 left is King Harald of Norway and to his left is King Carl Gustaf of Sweden.

Family 4 :
Marius and Siri  +  Kasper,11 and Eline, 9- today, HURRA !

Thanks for reading! Soon back to normal, that`s to say lots of
sewing to be done. Soon to show you my first Anni Downs row of the
 houses, and on the go with a new cushion done in KF fabrics :)))
Till next time hugs from Grethe.


Laila said...

It seems you too had a great day yesterday 😉
To day I will go back home ,and keep going with all my ufoes and must-do-items. Annis tablerunner first !
Have a great week.
Hugs :-))

Anonymous said...

lovely pics Grethe,thankyou for sharing.xx

Jan said...

Fabulous to see how other countries celebrate - thank you for showing us, Grethe.

Yvonne W said...

What a great celebration and you had lovely weather for it too. Love your national costume.

Chookyblue...... said...

Such special huge celebrations...... I would have celebrated. With you all if I had known before hand......

sunny said...

It sounds like a wonderful celebration. That's a lovely picture of your family.