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a quiltlady

Monday, 17 March 2014

Great evening at the quilt club !

Lots of members and guests turned up to listen to May Britt at the quilt-club
on March 12. We all enjoyed the work-class of turn-under-application.
She also brought with her a great selection of her quilts to show us. 

Enjoy a few of May Britt`s georgeous quilts:

1.Sigrun in red there and I looking very focused ! 2. May Britt and I with
Scandinavinan Christmas, we were in a SAL together some time ago.
3. Great to touch and feel her beautiful quilts.

Here`s the small heart I appliqued on to a rose fabric.
Will be used for a pouch one day, I think.
We all received lots of info about needle-turn form May Britt.

If you have plenty of time please check all pictures at NBQL`s page.
There you will also see my new bag, all finished on March 12 :-)

lol......What can this be you wonder ?? Just wait and see.....lol
More pictures another day! Thanks for reading, from Grethe.


May Britt said...

Jeg hadde det så koselig på quiltemøtet deres. Dere er en skikkelig fin gjeng. Lykke til videre med needleturn applikasjoner.

May Britt said...
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Raewyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful tine - how lucky you were to get to see her lovely work. Have fun with the applique!

Ulla said...

Needleturn is something I have only tried in one small project, but maybe with a good teacher I could learn to like doing it. Your meeting looks like lots of fun!

feltfree på Åsly said...

Wonderfull quilt they are showing. Looks like fun. Spennende å se hva det blir. Jeg følger med. Hilsen. Frederika

Houseelf said...

Looks like you had such a fun time with May Britt. I have Pumpkinville as a UFO still lingering as I find the bits movability harder than when I heat and bond a project. Your heart came out really well.