a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Monday, 11 November 2013

8.2 m. = 9 yards = 325" approx. ..........just measured the binding!

Now you know I have been rather busy finishing the
 BUGGY BARN "Spring Fever"quilt. Have enjoyed the long way round
sewing on the binding! Interesting to learn how the 30 fat quarters were cut
to form the 30 blocks. Almost only used the Bella Fleur fabrics by Moda.
I love all the colour combinations of this range; made for our spare single bed.
The quilt is perfectly quilted with "butterflies and loops" by
Merete at Sy.no  She is such a good long-arm-quilter :-)
Have you checked my Countdown for Christmas?  Took me
sometime to manage how to "get it alive", but with some external phone-
help it worked :)) Still many days left for preparing all the presents.
 I have made a list of what to give who, feel I am on time. How about you?
  Hope you are fine and Happy Sewing in November, from Grethe xx 


bodilshobby.blogg.no said...

Nydelig teppe! Og lykke til med julegaveinnspurten. Har noen planer i den retning jeg også, så gjenstår det å se hvor mange av dem det blir noe av. Alltid flere planer enn timer ;)

Chookyblue...... said...

the quilt looks great......yikes how many sleeps until Christmas..........

Dollandesign said...

Din quilt Spring Fever är mycket vacker.
Den ska Du vara stolt över, tycker jag. En härlig färgsammansättning!


Oddbjørg said...

Teppet ble kjempefint!
Har begynt på julegaveliste jeg også, men er ikke i mål.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous Grethe,love it,well done.xx

Yvette said...

Your quilt is wonderful! Congratulations.

sunny said...

Your quilt is beautiful! But I don't really want to know how many days until Christmas. That is frightening. Must stitch faster....

Grete said...

Så flott quilt, og skjønner den ble stor! Fine stoff- og fargesammensetninger!
Jul?! Det er lenge til, det!

Gudveig HN said...

Teppet ditt er kjempelekkert!

Gudveig HN said...
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Randi Tangen said...

Nydelig teppe!