a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Sunday, 14 April 2013

"REMEMBER WHEN" ... playing with applecores and clamshells :))

How nice for the 3. time to meet Sue Daily the lovely designer from Australia.
 My good friend Berit and I only used about 1 hour from Oslo down to Tønsberg
 to join her work class. Åsne at Quiltefryd had arranged for Sue to show lots of 
"hungry" Norwegian quilters how to use her technique in sewing.
Enjoy a few pictures from me.
Please also check 2 other blogs: May Britt and Hanne.
 They both have given posts from their " Weekend with Sue". 
Here you see Sue explaining to us about her table-runner. 
The "Remember when" pattern is lovely designed
and sewn with a gorgeous new fabric-design. 
Here are some of the 27 ladies enjoying the time with Sue on Saturday.
We all got the best of help:
Sue and me.
Sue and Berit. 
Beryl cutting out some apple-cores,
and Sue showing us the way to glue the cores together
before ironing them together.
Happy to attend Sue`s work-class:
Hanne, May Britt and me.
We were all seated at round tables and could chat easily with each other.
From the right: me, Berit, then 3 new friends from Kristiansand :
 May Kristin, Anita and  Anne. Hanne doing her best to take a photo of May Britt :-) 
We had a quick lunch of pasta and bread with lots of water to drink,
before returning to our apple-cores and clamp-shell !
Oh, how lucky I feel to have learned a bit more from an expert :))
I used the dinning room table to sort things out after
I came home yesterday evening. Love the kit I bought and all the fabrics.
 The pattern seems to be easy to understand. Oh, how lucky I feel to have
 learned from an expert. Bound to take some time to finish this lovely table-runner.
I had such a super time making new friends as well as meeting old ones.
I wish Sue a good trip up to Trondheim 
to Siw at Quiltegaarden where more quilters are waiting for her ! 
 Thanks for reading and HAPPY SEWING to all of you till nest time :-)


sunny said...

What a fun day! and your tablerunner is going to be amazing! I've done one small project with apple cores, but haven't tried clam shells yet. I'll come to you as the expert when I'm ready to try!!

Elin said...

Dette høyrest fantastisk kjekt ut! Håpar eg får vere med på eit slikt kurs ein gong!

bodilshobby.blogg.no said...

Det ser ut til å ha vært en kjempefin helg. Alltid inspirasjon å finne i slikt ;)

Chookyblue...... said...

some of my Norwegian blog buddies together.......so nice MayK got to go too.......looks like you had a great time........

May Britt said...

Takk for en hyggelig lørdag sammen i Tønsberg. Sue er en flott kursleder og jeg skal nok gå på kurs med henne flere ganger.

Anonymous said...

what a fun day you had Grethe,so good to see you all enjoying what you are making.xx

Yvette said...

I am green with envy! What a wonderful day!! I am so happy you were able to attend, it looks like you had a great time and learned a lot.

Raewyn said...

Lucky you to have Sue come and teach! I hope you have fun making your table runner :-)

Liven said...

så bra - jeg gleder meg stort til helga i Tr.heim:-)

Yvonne W said...

Sounds like everyone had a fun day in Sue's class-- it is inspiring attending a class like that.

Houseelf said...

What a lovely class. It is so good to stretch yourself learning new techniques. Happy sewing!

May Kristin said...

Takk for en flott dag og for koselig selskap ved bordet! :-)

Randi Tangen said...

Så spennende og gøy å få delta på dette. Og sikkert lærerikt:)Gleder meg til å sjå ditt resultat fra dette kurset:)

Jindi's Cottage said...

It looks like it was such a fun day...I knew you were there before you posted as I saw your happy smiling face on May-Britt & Hanne's blogs!!! Made me smile to recognise a face at a table at a sewing day with an Australian tutor all the way across the world in Norway :) I'm really liking the table runner, looking forward to seeing your version....

Oddbjørg said...

Skjønner at du hadde en fantastisk dag! Er bare litt misunnelig ;-) Gleder meg til å se løperen ferdig.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a great post Grethe and it's good to see Sue again....isn't it wonderful to learn new things!

Jenny said...

Looks like you had fun. I have had 2 classes with Sue and we had a wonderful time. Just like you I can see. Good luck with the apple cores and clamshells

Annik-Snor said...

Det ser skikkelig artig ut, må komme meg på kurs neste gang hun er her, selvom jeg enda ikke har fullført noe gra de andre to gangene :)

Linda said...

Jeg hørte dere hadde et flott treff fra Anita,med Ann og Mai Kristin.Linda:))

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