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a quiltlady

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Pyrrhula ...Winter is here ... Capreolus ...

If you like to play " I spy".... check my header. I wanted pictures of the two 
Bullfinches/Pyrrhula in my neighbour`s tree.  After having taken the
 picture I noticed some more small birds resting on the branches.
The colours of the Pyrrhula-birds sparkle towards the white snow.
WINTER  is at the moment! The snow comes and goes.
The rain and wind might come during the night.
Very strange weather at the moment.
Enjoy some snowy pictures taken by our house:
Impossible to drive without clearing the snow.
 Our gate is always filled with  tops of snow  when the big ploughs have
 cleared the road. Hard for all backs to clear without our plough. 
See the our neighbours tree here, 
of course all birds fly away as DH walks passed! 
As close as I can come for a nice picture.
Here is one of the bullfinches. 
I am sure his wife is close by,but she lacks the red colour:-)
Well, off for a walk here(or did I just come home), all prepared anyway!
See my Anti-slip Protection ! Very good they are on ice and snow!
Recently lots of grown-ups have bought these ones.
A real super "Granny-Spiky"  to  prevent you from sliding.
 Have you ever tried them? 
Lots happen in our neighbour`s garden. This is pictures from early Autumn.
Here`s the Roe deer/Capreolus:
This one is very close, isn`t he. Lovely!!
The Roe deers are the smallest on all the deer families in Norway.
The white tail you can see on the first of these two pictures.
OK, YES, my name is really a QUILT-lady.
But as you have heard me say before, I do have a small rest! Having
signed up both at the SAL with Chookyblue as well as another one with Di
 I must, I must not only plan what to sew, but get some action as well. 
 Soon,soon,I promise ... so see you then :)) 


Raewyn said...

It is so interesting to see you photos and see what life with snow is like! I love the bullfinches - aren't they the most beautiful colour?
Happy sewing.... when you get to it!!!

Yvonne W said...

I cannot imagine what it would be like living with all that snow. So really appreciate seeing the photos. One day, I will have to visit a country where it is all covered in snow. The bull finches and the deer are gorgeous.

Fiona said...

so lovely to see your pictures and imagine some coolness during our heatwave...

Anonymous said...

those deer are so cute and that snow looks so cold.xx

Terry said...

The birds are so pretty! We have lots of snow too, but I haven't been out with my camera yet. I need to do that.

Chookyblue...... said...

you are worrying about snow and we are worrying about heat.......I would never have a use for those shoes ever...........lol

FleurBleue said...

I too have the granny spikes, but thankfully, as yet, no snow!

Lovely photographs.

Fiona x

Houseelf said...

Your snow is so clean and beautiful We had thick fog this morning. It is now overcast and threatening more rain. Thanks for sharing your nature photos.

Jindi's Cottage said...

The snow and the birds look so pretty...and the deer are so cute...

Susan said...

The snow scenes look lovely - we are having very high temperatures in Australia now - that snow would be gone in seconds! Looking forward to seeing your progress on the SAL.

Jenny said...

Thank you for sharing what it is like at your home. So different from our intense heat at the moment. The little birds are so cute.

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