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a quiltlady

Saturday, 27 October 2012

This is the season for planing ahead ...


We are prepared.
Still Autumn here where I live, but might be snowing next week, they said on the forcast :))
Each year same procedure : We  always change our tyres before the snow is due. I`m lucky my DH loves working with my car changing the wheels.  Did you know we have a wheel- hotel in different places here in Norway. Companies take off  the wheels, store them and change back to the other ones next season.  Great service, I say! But "we" love fixing this ourselves, my DH, that is. :)) 
Not a great deal of quilting has been done lately. Making plans only.
So at the moment I`m deciding what to do next :
I could continue sewing more 12 1/2" blocks for this sampler quilt ... OR
I could finish this one with 9" blocks . If I turn one of the blocks (down on the left hand corner) and make some more of these blocks to be put into a pattern, it might look good ... OR
I could do some more 6 1/2" blocks for this smaller version of a sampler quilt ... OR
as Christmas is only 2 months away, may be my first choice should be this Santa Ladder.
The pattern is by our famous Norwegian Designer AnnAKa. It has been resting in the Christmas-to-do-box ever so long. I started off with the intention of doing it all by hand. BUT now  glad to use the sewing machine. Will show you some close-up details an other day. Looking forward to finishing this one actually.
Hope for a small finish by the end of this month. I have just the backing,quilting and binding left for a small wall quilt. And having lost my voice due to a heavy cold, so quick walks to get some fresh air has be postponed. 
Still careful, probably too much ?? doctor`s order, so still giving my thumb a good rest from any stitchery.
Nice writing to you, keep up the good spirit :-) Inspiring to be in the blog world.
Till another time:  Hugs to all my blog friends !


sunny said...

Very nice of DH to take care of the cars. I vote you work on the Christmas ladder, but don't overdo it! Glad you're able to start doing some sewing.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Hadde besøk av eldstesønnen og han skiftet dekk for meg, så nå kan det bare snø!
Tipper du jobber med nissene ... Men husk å være forsiktig.
Fortsatt god helg.

Anonymous said...

lovely post Grethe.xx

bodilshobby.blogg.no said...

Spennende å ha så mange ulike prosjekter å velge blant... Luksusproblem dette! Ha ei fin syuke :-)

Annik-Snor said...

Så mange fine prosjekter du holder på med, sikkert smart å gjøre nissene ferdige først. SVær forsiktig med tommelen, sees onsdag.

Houseelf said...

What a lovely lot of projects to work on especially the santa ladder. Here it is Christmassy too. The wind has blown most of the leaves and I saw a robin today. Good luck!

Raewyn said...

You sound like me with plenty of projects to choose from! Your Norwegian Designer AnnAKa looks very talented - that is a lovely design of her's. Imagine having wheel hotels!! Something I've never thought of!