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a quiltlady

Monday, 13 February 2012

Happy this and that on a Monday ........

Mother`s Day passed;no
flowers for me as they
were left in a car,
froze to death :-(
So I treated/made my-
self a nice one from
Gail P`s pattern. In
2009 I bought one of
her lovely patterns.
This is a new one of
hers,but with the
same characteristic
style of flowers.
Will be a wall-
quilt one day!

2 of a kind these two purses.The Teddy Bear on was made in 2003 and the Pink Hearts one in 2005. Now new washed and ready for use again. As our
2 Gch spent the whole weekend with us,some washing was done as well as lots of mending's.Always small holes here and there to be sewn .... LOL.

Don`t be frightened,very
sweet Monsters this is!
My Gs`s birthday is on
March 29.Bound to be
ready by then. He helped
me preparing the drawing,
gluing,fabrics.So he
knows;he loves the fabric
for the binding!He can`t
wait to get his present
he says,a strickt plan
of the weeks to come
for me :-)

Daisy Bear quilt is being preparing for May 18th. Eline will then be 7 and bears are the best. She knows I`m doing this for her.The two of us have this big secret,just like with Kasper and the Monsters. And we are not telling anybody:-)
Both the two BOMs are from KidsQuilts.

My lavendel-hearts go to you ALL,whether in Norway or abroard.Have a HAPPY Valentine`s Day tomorrow. Here in Norway we started celebrating the 14th of February only some years back. It is nice thought though,so that`s why I send you my hearts...LOL... :-)

Please believe me when I say that I've not forgotten my SC and my DJ not to mention the TTS, working on these as well;especially a great deal in my thoughts! Must make plans for the next fortnight. Enjoy all your quilting! Hugs,Grethe.


Cath said...

Hello Grethe,
You have some lovely projects on the go and how nice to have some little helpers.

Ulla said...

Very sweet beginnings of quilts for your grandchildren!
Valentine's Day is new in Finland too, and more about friendship than romantic love. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!"

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Barnequiltene er kjempesøte! Koselig arbeid å holde på med.

Fiona said...

You have some really lovely projects happening there....

Berit said...

Jeg blir like inponert hver gang jeg leser på bloggen din.
Du er kjempeflink til å skrive og redigere det hele :-)

Nicky said...

I love your 'secret' projects with the grandchildren, that's a wonderful idea. Cute hearts - hope you had a happy Valentines Day!