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a quiltlady

Friday, 13 January 2012

Good luck on Friday 13th ....... And a reindeer-meal on the 13th day of Christmas.

Oh,glad 300 and something days
till Christmas 2012.I have
started on my first block of
Scandinavian Christmas.More
to come in a month time.
Always much more work on
a quilt than expected,you
know,I know ......LOL...
I ordered the transfer
copy from Lynette Anderson`s
shop,which should make it
all more easier/quickly.
The fabrics have just
arrived from Red

This is:
-the real RUDOLF on his round.You must have seen him this year as well:-)

This is:
-what it looks like when RUDOLFs blend in with the nature way up
in the north of Norway.

This is:
-what it looks like when preparing a RUDOLF meal.The leg bones makes an ever so good sause;not too disgusting to look at I hope!!!Mind you plenty of RUDOLFs left in the mountains.Meal for a KING,I`m sure: Reindeer joint,Brussels sprouts,Almond potatoes,cranberries(picked in the autumn)and then the lovely tasting sauce on top of it all.

See the table runner below;it was a present from Liz in the SSCS 2010,and you may also spot the YULE ELF SANTA(next to my cone-Santa) from Melanie. Big thanks again to you both:-)
Mona(my DIL one day,may be)and me enjoying the 13day after-Christmas-meal.
Ice cream with berries and egg nugget for a pudding.

Cloud berries also from FINMARK in the north of Norway,cream and KRUMKAKE/Sweet crispy cake made this morning and tasty regular cup of coffee.Father and son at the dinner table below here:o)

We had such a nice time the 4 of us on this very 13th day of Christmas.I always make a tasty meal on the 6.of January.It is the last day(almost) when you should tidy your home from all the Christmas stuff. Everything are now deep down in boxes except 3 Santas.They will be sitting close to my sewing desk watching me all year.

Hope you like my pictures;I enjoyed posting them all. Now back to quilting and lots of cross stitches on the reindeer quilt.But plenty of time (mark my words;let`s hope I manage to make this one in 2012).

Till next time,happy January and a new start for it all.Looking forward now soon to make a trip into lots of blogs for some inspiration.Hugs,Grethe.


sunny said...

Looks wonderful! I'm on my way over for dessert - hope you saved some for me!

bodilshobby.blogg.no said...

Mmmm, det så godt ut med et ordentlig reinsdyrmåltid. Lykke til med reinsdyrene av tråd og stoff også :-)

Farm Girl said...

Looks like a lovely meal Grethe, and a wonderful tradition. Feels a little strange to me to think of eating reindeer, probably because they are more of a myth to me than a real animal.....? But indeed they are real in Norway! Lovely photos of you and your family.

Fiona said...

How great to read this and learn more about your traditions... I ate reindeer when I visited Finland once.... great eating...

Laila said...

Hei og riktig godt nytt år.
Dette så koselig og kjempe godt ut :-)

Grethe said...
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Ulla said...

Great work with the stitching and appliqué. Your meal looks and sounds delicious. The reindeer pictures loook just like ours, but I live in the Southern part of Finland so we don't have them here.

Simone de Klerk said...

It looks like you had a wonderful and happy time. How special!
Your Scandinavian Christmas looks very pretty!

retdairyqueen said...

Loved all the photos
Lovely post

Liz said...

Lovely photos. Not sure i could eat reindeer would be a little sad, but the food looks so yummy. Beautiful reindeer photos. Looks so romantic and nostalgic. Soooooooo very hot here i wish i could be there in the cool. Lovely table setting too and i really love the Scandinavian Christmas quilt you are making. I have wanted to do this myself.
Have fun with it all.

Berit said...

Deilig med god mat. Vi hadde gjester på "posestek" igår Og hjemmelaget karamell piudding.
Sying har kommet litt i bakevja i det nye året

Raewyn said...

How lovely to see your photos and see your traditions over there in Norway. I too find it strange to hear you eating reindeer - but they don't spend all year delivering presents do they, and must earn their keep! Your stitching is lovely -what a good idea to start it now and have it completed for next Christmas.

Kimonos and Sushi(OLD BLOG) said...

Grethe my mum has joined Lynette Anderson Project Club and has just made the Reindeer Topper... your reindeers look very familiar....
http://cosmosandchrysanthemums.blogspot.com/ is mums site