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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Tiny Town, Daisy Bears and my Tuesday Group .................

Lovely trip to Blog-land yesterday,as my pc did not work properly I had just a short visit.(This happens often on Sundays). But love reading all blogs. Good ideas to adapt from many corners of the world! Now first thing first:
Finished block 7 of Tiny Town on Saturday.Gosh,does it take time!! Some-times it is really hard work being a quilter ..... LOL .... I have reduced all seizes 25%,that taking even longer time,actually.
Sewn together, block 4,5,6,7,8 and 9; "mind the gap" there in the corner,will be fixed in one way or the other till next time when I show you all the blocks together :-) Only block 1 and 2 left to do....so glad:D

NEW project on the go. Yes,I have started,all though I promised myself not to ,Is it bad??? or are you like me??? Really HOPE so ....LOL.....
This is a BOM coming all the way from New Zealand.
This Daisy Bear Quilt is done in the Garden Song range.Lovely colours,and just right for my little Gch.(so she said!!)
To be appliqued on Tuesdays when my sewing group meet :-)

The Tuesday Sewing Group is a group of approx 20 lovely ladies,50+ to 80+; Meeting every week, some always and others now and then.
Working ten to two,more or less,all with our hand sewing.At home we do the machine sewing, pictures later of many lovely small and big quilts......
We share the knowledge of quilting and help each other,always. Bringing our packed lunch,taking max 30 minutes brake, as we are very busy sewing and chatting!!
Till next time,all the best to you for a nice week to come and enjoy your quilting:-)


Fiona said...

I love both your wonderful projects.... going to sit and stitch with friends is so great... one of the best things I like about our artform!


kimland said...

I am in love with your tiny town, it's just precious & the colors are great too! Nice work.

sunny said...

I agree with Kim. I'm in love with your TIny Town. You do such beautiful applique work. I'd love to join your stitching group - too bad you're so far away.

Anonymous said...

Your tiny town is the most adorable thing I've seen. The colors and the applique are just amazing. Thank you for sharing.

Zuly said...

Cutest quilt, you are an artist!
A big hug from Costa Rica,
Zuly Castillo U.

Yvette said...

I adore your Tiny Town!!

Simone de Klerk said...

Your Tiny Town blocks are so pretty! Love the little owl.
And those bears - perfect (o:

Houseelf said...

What a wonderful smiling sewing group you are a part of Grethe. :-) As you are reducing the size of Tiny Town, does that mean you are making Teeny Tiny Town? LOL It is looking so lovely. Just Block 9 left here.

No you aren't the only one. I have Amsterdam Leaves to back quilt and bind, and I am half way through Helping Hands. All will be revealed with that one when I've finished.

Berit said...

Jeg likte veldig godt de små bjørnene. Tenker hun gleder seg til jul, for det skal vel være ferdig til da?
Tirsdags gruppen er helt fantastisk.
Mange kjekke damer