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a quiltlady

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


... at the FESTIAL of QUILTS in Birmingham;UK. I almost left on the spur of the moment and enjoyed every minute.The quilt-arena was situated far from
the big and dreadful riots in the centre of BHX.
The exhibition of quilts were the best ever people said. Looking forward to showing you some of the quilts;many beautifully sewn and stunning to look at. Back home here after a 5 day tour to England on the bench by the house.
Already thinking about 2012 .... may be .... :-)

Even more shops to spend
some money in .....
I bought enough this year
as well,showing you just
a bit in the next two
pictures. New bags and
new cushions soooooon
too be sewn .....

See the duffle bag: I bought it about 20 odd years ago in England. Strange that I found the same fabric. As the handles are very worn,I can now make at least 2 new ones;bought 2 yards as I have always loved the fabric :-)
Good laughs,good food,not to mention good shopping!!! It is always lovely to visit quilt shows. Berit and I had such a good time at last year`s show:
Good fun as I passed Nina
Lise and Liv Kirsten at Manor`s stall.I came home with many new
magazines :-) I see lots of new ideas that I might be starting on.
Nice now to be showing you a few quilts from the exhibition:
Queueing was easy if you like sitting on the floor :-)
You need a cup of coffee just now,I`m sure! But please look at my next post,MORE super quilts to be seen :-)


Houseelf said...

Thank you for showing me the quilt show. I didn't go in the end because of the riots and I was tired from the dog show the day before.

The fabric is a Victorian classic originally designed by William Morris one of the founders of the Art and Craft movement. Sandersons used to have the rights to the fabric and wallpapers. I have a dolls house with a mini version of the wallpaper.

So glad you had a lovely time. Hopefully your PIF will arrive any day now. :-)

Monica said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! And look at all the fabulous goodies you bought. That should keep you busy for a while. *smile*

Jindi's Cottage said...

Lucky you being able to go to Birmingham...oh the advantages of already being in Europe, not so far to go! Glad you were not near the riots, so scary...Thanks for sharing the quilts...I've "saved" your posts for a good and proper virtual tour of the quilt show...what a great find to get the same fabric as your duffle bag...have fun with all your lovely new purchases, I spy some Liberty in there, oh how I love Liberty...the fabric and the store, a highlight when I visited London...

Simone de Klerk said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time!
Did you see a quilt appliquéd with a Chinese lady? It was made by a lady from our quilting bee.