a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sad trip into Oslo this morning,looking through the fences where the bomb went off.

Millions of flowers are put down to show our sympathy with people involved
in the tragedy.Some people go many times bringing flowers to show their respect and sympathy.
Candle lights,teddy bears,our flag as well as flags from other countries and written notes are placed all over Oslo,also everywhere in Norway. These 2 pictures are from outside our big church "Domkirken".
The mad-man went through with his plan B. We have just got to know
that his plan A was to bomb the King`s Palace as well as the labour
party building here in Oslo.
So many people are hurting tremendously,many dead,some still in
hospital very ill,and the ones that are alive have been through an
experience that might never end. Some of the youth are very young.
Praying for all involved.

The flowers will after a while be collected and left to change
into soil,then new grows. Notes will be kept and saved by the
authority together with the toys ...........

..... Not much quilting during my holiday. But I managed to sew the bindings on the Jelly Roll and the Layer Cake quilts.
To be my OPAM for July. See you tomorrow :-)


Zuly said...

¡Cuánta solidaridad! que lección más dura para un país tan lindo como el tuyo.
Un saludo desde Costa Rica,
Zuly Castillo U.

Yvette said...

This is just so devastating to the whole world. I cannot imagine seeing that in person. My heart goes out to everyone there.

Tammy said...

Oslo and its people have been in my prayers!

sunny said...

It is so hard to believe that something like this can happen. Hugs and prayers.

Dandelion Quilts said...

Such sadness....

BeautifulDees said...

Such a tragidy...so sorry for the insaneness one caused for so many.