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a quiltlady

Monday, 11 April 2011

Award: now on my blog:-)

THANKING YOU Oddbjorg at My Creative Corner .
for giving my blog an award:))))
Rules for this award is to give you
6 lovely blogs to be inspired by,
each must have less than 100 followers.
Now it is my difficult time to draw
and the following of you won this time:

Peggy at quiltingdreams. Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag and Bobtail. Solvi at solvi01. Annette at jindiscottage. Berit at SyMejl. Laila at Jacobs Quilt and Marcia at marcia@englating.se
Then at last,but not least 8 things about myself:
1:born and bread Norwegian 2:have moved a lot within Norway as well as abroad 3:the two FFs(family and friends)count a lot 4:love fresh air and walks 5:early bird 6:have just started on a new exercise group with a quilt friend(non blogger)7:working hard on my UFOs 8:have enough fabrics to last several lifetimes and longer .........

Hurry up all bloggers to check the lovely blogs I have chosen to give
my award to:-)

AND YES : My Garden little wall quilt is now ready to be quilted.
One day soon a picture for you to admire!!! :D)))

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Jindi's Cottage said...

Grethe...Thank you!...I have never received an award before...now to think who I shall pass it on to...