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a quiltlady

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Fabrics... Glass... Wood... HappyNewYear2011...

Still Christmas time,but for me a much nicer and
more quiet time than last week,as I am sure for a
few others as well. But I have done little sewing
lately. So after New Year I must get going again.
Maybe make a strict plan to get cracking into UFO-
boxes?!! Or enjoy projects as they come on top in
the box?!!

You see my Nativity here; a Nancy Halvorsen pattern called
"Button-Up Quilts". However I left out the buttons! The string
quilt was started started in approx 2008,just left in the box,
but finished this November. It is my Opam for December 2010 :-)
I am very pleased that I did join. It has helped me in focusing
on unfinished projects that cried out to be sewn!!
Thanking you very much Peg and Kris for hosting OPAM 2010.

This Nativity is bought a few years back. Made by Hadeland Glass Company
and definitely not to play with.

The Nativity in wood here I bought many years ago. Still almost
looking it`s best,although my children used to play
with it when they were young. But almost "no touch" for
my 2 Gch! This one stands in the window in my kitchen.

Cold outside (check the temp in the right hand corner),
everything covered with snow, but pleasant if you dress
properly!(lots of wool,fleece or fur,may be)

Wishing you a peaceful weekend ahead and time to come. This means
I am saying HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! Gosh,many days,yet all open
on my calender!!! Lots of thread to be used and fabrics to be cut;
then interesting quilt-works might come up on my blog in the comming
year,so I hope :)))) Kind thoughts to you from me.......


Terry said...

I'm really lookinig forward to a whole new year of sewing! Happy New Year Grethe! :0)

Yvette said...

Happy New Year to you too!

I love your hanging nativity.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

All so pretty - wishing you a Happy New Year too!