a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Monday, 15 November 2010

Around the World in less than 80 days. In fact only 3 hours:-)

I have had a super time visiting you,some of you have "seen" me!!
I have been to a great 50th wedding anniversary,the gold on that is,checking
lovely dresses,tasty food,horses!! not to mention the lovely weather in that
part of the world.And Tuesday Treasures have lots of lovely items to show.
But this is not all: wrapped in the most lovely pinwheel quilt,Sylvia`s Bridal
and squares put together in a specific way,I attended lots of quilt
meetings,checked bags,ladies smiles and lovely teddies,not to mention cats,everywhere.

All over the world I have been:newborn baby?Grown a bit from last time.
Passed Gracie and then read Homespun 10th celebration were a good
blog friend is in that issue. My quiltguild celebrating 20 years,with
nice prices for the ones that won the "from Old to New". Norway
have a slowly growing quilting interest. ETC.ETC.

I did not miss anything,and I could have gone on and on telling....
Well,dear friends you know where I have been,don't`you.
Yes,visiting all your blogs! A great journey for me :-)

Anyway,abbreviation is in place: OMG,at this end yes many UFOs including
WIPs and definitely WIPMS,some of them are mentioned below. My dear GJ is
resting at the moment,but plenty of time yet:-)

On my sidebar you have seen 2 Secret Santa Christmas Swaps sign: Chookyblue`s
and Kelly`s + Joan`s. Well,under the paper here is one,it has been lying
there for sometime ready now to be sent.Would have been lovely to just
rang the bell,dressed in the Santa`s clothes:-) But,well,my first SSCS
will be posted very soon.
The second a wee bit later. Great .... I`m looking forward for Father
X-mas`s knock on my door as well :-)

So glad to have started on November block of aTisket aTasket. Please,please do not ask if I will finish it this month,but will try hard:-)

Month 1 of TINY TOWN BOM is cut and ready to be put on the background fabric,will show you very soon my first block!

My first block of the new LayerCake quilt along is finished,I love the fabric range Breakfast at Tiffany`s.

You might have guessed what this will be,have you made him? I intend to make 10, so as usual verrrrry busy these days. Another big quilt-market on November 27+28. I`ll be there. Pictures later:-)
One OPAM is ready soon to be posted,working on the other one,so maybe-maybe.
Hopefully all I have been writing soon will be with you,have a lovely day:-)


Yvette said...

You have been sooooo busy! I really love your layer cake quilt along fabrics. I think if I had a layer cake I would have joined.

Guess what! I have the "Tiny Town" BOM too!!! We have so many similar projects. We must be related somehow. ;)

Chookyblue...... said...

so much to see and do in blogland........let me know when you send off the SSCS..........my GJ is on the back burner too for the moment..........get all these secret presents out of the house........

joan said...

Oh I love your block.. Gerthe.. You have been busy. I am certain your Secret Santa will love her gift made by such a talented quilter.!

Jindi's Cottage said...

What a great post...it really is like taking a trip around the world this blogging :)...I finished up making my Chookyblue SCCS present yesterday, so exciting now we get to watch the mail boxes for incoming...such lovely projects you are working on...my GJ was sadly neglected for a couple of months but this morning it went to sewing group with me and a few stitches were put in...