a quiltlady

a quiltlady

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Thanking you!! My iron is clean for the moment! And yes,I have changed things around a bit.

I will for sure clean it more frequently! Thanks for comments and all emails.Glad to have lots of advices. And a special cloth is on its way,I have been promised:-)

Talking about cleaning,I did make this little wall quilt some time ago. It is
an old Art to Heart pattern from 2002.If you pop over to http://cottoncharmquilts.typepad.com /charming chatter you may have a good laugh about lots of different signs.

"Early Birds" - may be -(early birds only used by myself,have not joined): Above you can see some of the fabrics I have used for the projects further down here.
Must admit I have been very slow these days. Usually we talk about being slow/lazy after a long winter,different on my part! I take such a long time finishing this and that at the moment.
But Christmas is far away, isn`t it???! With that in mind,I`ll try my best to give you some more exciting news soon,I hope .....

The needle-case fabrics are from Decadent Victorian from April Cornell with a pattern from Gail Pan. I have used the Cottage Garden Threads,hand-dyed in Australia!
The note-book has a little pad inside and you can see the corners are covered gold!! The fabric is really made for somebody fond of cats :-)

Yes,the one with the two hearts is ready. I uses the Kimie`s pouch pattern. The fabrics are bought at "Quiltefryd",a lovely shop down south in Norway.
The other pouch is made from my stash fabrics. It has been with me a long time, and I am glad I soon will have this finished. Plan to have a mini one inside it.
Behind the fence you can almost see the redness on some of my neighbours leaves, soon yellow as well. I love the autumn colours:-)


Terry said...

What do you do to clean your iron? I know I have some "stuff" on the bottom of mine but I'm not sure what to use on it.

Chookyblue...... said...

I have a tube of iron cleaner and you put it onto some cotton fabric and iron over it.........this little pad I just leave it near my iron and when ever I think it is a little dirty I just re-iron over the pad and all is gone......I just keep using the same pad for months and months without adding more cleaner from the tube.........

Gudveig HN said...

Fine sminkevesker du har sydd.

Jindi's Cottage said...

I have the tube of iron cleaner like Chookyblue (probably the same stuff!)...works like magic, a bit of goop on a folded up cotton rag, move the iron over the goopy pad for a bit and wallah! all clean...mind you, if the iron is going to spit dirty water, it will do it on a white shirt!
Like all your projects...the needle case is particularly sweet.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Love the needle case and the note pad holder! And, the bags too! Very cute Grethe!

Margaret said...

I agree with Chooky the iron cleaner on a rag does the trick. The Gail Pan folder is lovely a very clean uncluttered design that suits a number of articlaes . Your purses are great too.

Berit said...

Dette var virkelig noen morsomme bøker som du har laget.Likte spesielt stoffet på den til høyre. Dette blir fine venninnegaver.

helbel19 said...

I've just been reading your blog Grethe and there are such lovely piccies and interesting reading.... keep up the great work.